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Unbelievable… I think I just saw the most number…

I think I just saw the most number of chiobus in a single day my entire life. But apparently, I cannot be too sure if they are really chio because the lights were dim and the music was loud and I was under alcoholic influence. Many have told me stories about how dim lights and alcohol can make a girl look 10 times prettier.(This is an under estimate.) Okae, Right. I was at Mambo. And boy was it one of the most fantastic times.

Saw a few of my old pals like Rachel and Wendy and Laypeng and Alvin and gang la. Wahlao, they are the ever faithful mamboians. Then my junior was there for the Biz Bash pageant. Sorry didn’t vote, came too late.

The whole thing started pretty dull, me Josh and ZY got there and everything was at a hold or something. No music, no one at the dance floor no nothing… So it was the usual you watch me I watch you until we went to get some drinks. Soon after the music started and it was all out action.

You have to believe me when I say that everywhere I turn everywhere I look I see a chiobu. I couldn’t believe it myself. Miracle dude. Like Joshua said, if there was a bomb there porbably 75% of the chiobu population in Snigapore would have been eradicated.

Oh yeah, can’t discount the fact that our dearest Miss Havoc : Lee LiQing was there as well. You think she’s hot, yeah, who doesn’t, she’s after all NJC Prom Queen. Ey dun look down on NJ Prom Queen siah, we got standard neh… You dunno only… Jac Chan, LiQing, and Lynette(spelled like that?). Although I do not totally agree with the Lynette thing but okae larh……. acceptable…. Anyway, yeah… Miss Lee’s friends are flaming hot and they kinda burnt the podium when they went up on it and started strutting their stuff…. Go GIRLS!

Then there was this uncle lao ah peh wearing sun glasses and a black glove in the right hand, a white glove in the left hand doing some robot stuff on the podium with the girls. To my knowledge he’s the only guy allowed on that particular podium usually reserved for females. hurhur. wad the heck… uncle, please act your age larh…

And ang mohs cannot make it. One ang moh girl girl tried dancing the ang moh big action style on the podium. wahlao… go away larh please… not chio and very very… how to say? very very… ang mohish… turn off siah… please go back la… sheesh…

But Joshua damn sian and Zeyan also wanna leave… only I dun wanna go lo. Boh bian larh… go larh go larh… sian… one of the best mambo nights i’ve been to thanks to the sheer number of chais today… i tell you if gahmen got ppl go mambo tonight they will even encourage ppl to go man.

Okae… sleep liao… else tmr die… hmmm… now 3.30… okae… tmr die…

“2 many broken hearts in the world… … … … … … and i wun give up the fight for you” (actions not sold seperately)

P.S. Today never hear the ghost buster song… haha…
Wow… Heng ar… (TDS guys should find this familiar. wahahaha. cheers dudes!)


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Okae… looks like this place is sort of coming to…

Okae… looks like this place is sort of coming to a stand still… i no longer write as much. yeah. then i guess i’ll just keep it short and sweet this time cos i still ain’t got nothing to write. no drama? yeapz. no drama. gimme some will ya?

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Today in the bi-annually column that I actually do…

Today in the bi-annually column that I actually do alot more than bi-annually, I shall talk about how to be a secretary at a meeting:

1. Have lots of sleep the day before but don’t dream of another meeting. It’s like double the nightmare, double the madness, double the shagness. And you don’t want to wake up feeling shagged and knowing you’re going for a meeting later.

2. Bring lots of paper to copy down the minutes. Even though the papers will eventually be full of shit stuff, it’s different from toilet paper. Toilet paper you’d probably just use one side to wipe the shit. For minutes, it’s advisable to use both sides of the paper to contain all the shit that’s gonna be thrown at you.

3. Scribble the words you hear anyway you want as fast as possible as everyone in meetings tend to talk very fast. The faster we talk the faster we write. When they see our handwriting and thinks it’s shit, tell them that our handwritings actually show what they’ve been saying. Total Shit Dudes!

4. If you think you can’t scribble fast enough, do actually listen to whatever is going on even if it’s a shit load of crap that doesn’t matter to the members of the meeting. But what’s the point? When you do really have to type out the minutes, you’ll eventually remember all the shit loads of crap but forget the heavy amounts of important stuff… well… luckily i’ve got good memory.

Being the minutes guy just plain sucks man.

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Dialling for M

If you read The Newpaper today you would have read the Liverpool article about how Rafael Benitez dialled for M and Morientes brought in 2 goals for a 3 – 1 win away at CSKA. Yes, Liverpool has not lost a game since pre season started and let us all hope the form lasts through the season.

Well, I personally dialled M myself by buying the Marvel comic series called House of M. Got myself Issues 2 – 5… No more Issue 1 in stock… damn. Got a few New Avengers too. No more 1 – 4 though. Gotta go find. Yeah.

So who else dialled M? That would have to be all the guys in the service. Why? Cos Money just flowed into our pockets on Monday. August’s pay! hah. Money Money Money. And yes, I will save money this month!

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Haven’t been updating very frequently. Been busy w…

Haven’t been updating very frequently. Been busy with other stuff. Something I should really show my shb soon. It’s damn cool. For now, I’ll leave my secret underground dealings to further suspense.

Anyway, this is my 146th post in about 5 months… So I post an average 30 per month… about once a day… Hah… Quite alot huh?

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