Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Thank goodness school has started and I’m busy wit…

Thank goodness school has started and I’m busy with studies, bball and hall.

But no matter what, some things never go away.
Especially when there are some things you cannot understand, like how a person can say one thing now, and then another thing that’s so different just weeks later. Or how something unpleasant could happen again and again, and you still let it happen like it’s a part of you. Or how a person chooses to remain silent even though he would rather let it all out to feel better.

I hope I’ll manage to balance my life from here on. That I’ll keep my priorities in full view and work for my goals. Though it doesn’t mean that you reap results from hardwork, but without hardwork you definitely will not get results.


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MacBook Pro ROCKS. When’s my loan gonna be don…

MacBook Pro ROCKS.
When’s my loan gonna be done???

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Hall Life. 06/07 More to come

Hall Life.

More to come

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I’ve been feeling more alive than I’ve ever felt. …

I’ve been feeling more alive than I’ve ever felt. Especially these few months. Good and bad… but it’s good to feel more alive. I felt like I’ve grown and learnt so much more. It’s been some time since I felt alive. Maybe I had found a place to hide myself in. In a place called GAMES. Heh. Been playing abit recently though. School gonna start le, then start playing games. Win. But I know I won’t be crazy about it. I still love basketball. It’s definitely more important than playing computer games.

One thing I know, I’m having a better life than I’ve had. So much has changed. I no longer have a 1k income every month, I got my licence to drive, I meet up with my friends so much more. So much is happening not just to me, but my friends as well. Maybe it has always been like that, I just never paid enough attention. Yeah. I’m more aware. I’m feeling more alive. I’m feeling things. I used to be an unresponsive robot who sits on his chair facing the damn monitor on hours everyday.

So much has happened. I got to know who cares and I got to know what I care about. I went through Biz Ad FOC and Sports Camp. I watched the Summer Blockbusters. I struggled through without income and savings. I listened to my friends. I tell them my idealistic opinions. My stamina on court is improving. But it’s the feelings that you’re immersed in when you’re going through all of this. Anger, frustrations, happy, glad, agitated, content, confusion, worry, ecstasy, accomplishment.

I wonder what the next few months hold. I don’t ever want to be stuck at home again.

There are some things I’ll never get used to ever again.

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