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Darn. Today is just such a fucked up day, I just t…

Darn. Today is just such a fucked up day, I just typed half an entry and the page just returned to the login screen by itself. NahBeizzzz…….

Anyway, while planning duty today morning, I realised that I had to do duty tomorrow morning, and some higher rank guy had to make me stay back till 10pm today at what OKTOBERFEST. Drink German beer eat German food… HAHAHA… I LIKE!!!! Like your head… 10pm… you want to stay doesn’t mean I want to stay and other than the rank that is bigger than mine I do not feel obligated to stay back to keep you company. I am not a “xiao-jie” and I’m not paid with all the peoples’ taxes to talk and drink with you. And it’s over time, I just don’t get paid. And I do not enjoy talking to you. When I talk to you, I have to be the fakiest person I’ve ever been. Really, my smile was the most “qian1 jiu4” smile I’ve ever managed…

Alright, so while drinking, me and my fellow officers were talking about premarital sex.
Will I have premarital sex? : Fuck. Why don’t you bring a crystal ball here and tell me?
When are you gonna get married? : Early 30s? late 20s?
So my friend was saying, “so say you’ll get married at 27, for the next 7 x 365 days while you’re not doing anything, guys around you are becoming more exprienced, pros at it while when you start out at 27, you’re a noob.”
he continued, “we are in a society where not all things are accepted, especially things like premarital sex.(can tell from the sarongpartygirl rave and so on la) But it does not mean that society does not yearn for it. They want it but just because society does not present itself as accepting for that idea, everyone goes for the sheep follow the herd idea.”
Okae, I agree, which guy doesn’t get horny? And it’s commonly known that girls do get horny too. When things get hot… haha. =P but coming back to the point, i think that society may yearn for it, but it may not mean that society wants it. It’s just different perspectives larh. So what if I’m still a noob when i’m 27 when some other guy probably has fucked maybe like 365 girls in 365 days? hah. It’d be like fucking toys. Okae, if I changed the word fuck to make love, maybe it’d make more sense. I doubt that a guy who could fuck so many girls in his lifetime can confidently say there’re feelings between him and all the girls.
It boils down to what each individual wants. What gratifies him. A guy may have his eyes set on having a perfect marriage(is there such thing as a PERFECT marriage?) and wants both him and his wife to be a virgin at marriage. Well if he keeps to his words, definitely he has the right to hope his wife is one. But for one who’s not, yeah, don’t think he has the right. On the other hand, this other guy might find that being able to satisfy the girl he likes is important.

So, what do you all think?



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Hey! I’m blogging again! Because why? World of War…

Hey! I’m blogging again! Because why? World of Warcraft went to restart the damn bloody server damn it!!! Okae, I’m gonna go sleep soon so that I can watch what??? Liverpool vs Chelsea!!! WOOTS!

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Wah seh! the last time i POSTED was 21 days ago!!!…

Wah seh! the last time i POSTED was 21 days ago!!! HOW CAN!!!
muahahaha… okae, Guess who’s back? Back again~

Wahahaahahaha. Anyway for all who read my blog… I find that I don’t have a consistent style of writing leh… I sometimes write like that, sometimes I write better ang moh, sometimes I write more bullshit and sometimes more serious… NO WONDER MY BLOG NOT FAMOUS LARH!!!

Maybe if I start taking beautiful pictures of myself like pinkshoefetish.blogspot.com and talk about my rich and happy life, or maybe i take naked pictures of myself like hazeldearie.blogspot.com and talk about my sex life, or maybe i take sensual naked pictures of myself like sarongpartygirl.blogspot.com and talk about ang moh’s long dicks… wah… i think my viewer numbers sure increase leh!!!!!! but wait… eh… erm… i don’t buy Dior or Gucci or Chanel everyday so I cannot talk about my rich and happy life with pictures of my beautiful self, nor do i have a sex life and frankly… I’m not gay so I won’t screw anyone with a dick!!! hahaha… so the above 3 are non-viable options… damn…

let’s see… maybe i could add more hokkien expletives into my blog like rockson.blogspot.com and say things like… LAN CHEOW!!!! KNNBCCB!!! NEHNEHPOK!!! NINNAOHIA!!!!!!!! CHAO CHEEBYE!!!!!!! wahhh… mai seow seow k… like that can make your blog famous k? wah but really ah, you all should try… quite shiok just typing it… wahlan… dun believe me meh?

hmmmm… okae… actually… got so many famous blogs in singapore leh… BlinkyMummy la… Mr. Miyagi la… Limbueytor la… so many many many many many la… to tell you the truth, i also dun wan my blog to become famous… muahahaha. if i kenna tomorrow-ed then jialat liao… i have to be careful what i writing in my blog lo… sianz…

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Oh. When I was at NUS, I received this phone call …

Oh. When I was at NUS, I received this phone call from a private number. It went like this,

Me : “Hello?”
Girl : “Hi, were you the one on the chat line?”
Me : “Harh? What?”
Girl : “Were you the one on the chat line?”
Me : “Er, sorry, wrong number.”
Girl : “Oh, sorry.”

Then turn to HuiLing and say, “Haha, some girl called me through a private line and asked if I was “THE ONE” on the chat line just now. What would happen if I say yes ah?”

HuiLing : “Eeeee, senior, I didn’t know you talk on chat line one…”


Oh, but I still wonder what would have happened if I said something like, “Oh yeah, I was the one. Wads up?”


Things like this should happen more. Adds flavour to life.

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University crashing

Been more than a week since I last wrote something here.

Well, I went to SMU last friday to check out stuff there. Quite a nice place, new buildings, in town and all the hippy hoppy stuff around. I joined ina class with Ellince. It’s some Peer Help lesson. Like some Peer Help Group kind of thing. The lesson was like some activity. And through the activity, I found out that there are a few kinds of people we have to work with in the office :

1. The Look-like-idiot-and-cannot-make-it-but-try-to-act-zai kind of people. wah biang. once activity start, stand in front of class and tell everyone wad to do. firstly, no one asked for your opinion. secondly, who said you’re big boss? this isn’t ocs or sispec or any other saf schools, no wayang please. thirdly, wipe that stupid smile off your face and it doesn’t help when you’re wearing braces. lastly, when you wanna do this kind of thing, at least make yourself look more charming and zai la… look like idiot still wanna like that. go work out and wear nicer clothes or something. ya… get rid of those acne also.

2. The oh-that-idea-isn’t-that-good-but-oh-well-it-is-an-idea-after-all-but-it-just-isn’t-good kind of people. okae. this kind not as bad. they think that they got a good idea and they will treat those ideas that ain’t as good like shit. okae la. not that bad. just dun be too super bossy and we’ll all be fine with it. wad we should do is say “OHHHHHH, your idea is not bad! but how about we pool everyone’s idea together then we see if we have better ones k?” ah… the world is about doing things with tact man.

Okae. and today, I went to NUS to crash their business lectures. Went to Finance Accounting and Econs lecture. Could only pay attention to 1hr 30mins of lecture b4 i started talking to HuiLing. K, HuiLing is my Terra HR junior. Part of the team that brought Terra to win the NE trophy. Proud of them siah! Must state my thanks first cos she was a good host. Not that Ellince wasn’t, just that Ellince didn’t really have the time to bring me around school. haha.

And I thought NUS Biz was supposed to be the chiobu place. boy was i wrong. i was people watching during lecture and paying attention to the lecturer. zai ah. okae. my point is that i’m disappointed. i was expecting more i guess. lesson learnt : never have too high an expectation. It was just like a JC lecture hall with all the peepo in civilian clothings…

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