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For those of you who’re thinking… Hey… This gu…

For those of you who’re thinking… Hey… This guy hasn’t been updating… Something’s wrong with this guy…

Well I’d have to say you’re absolutely right. Something’s very wrong with me. I’ve become a kind of reclusive and another kind of elusive.

It’s funny. I was watching Lost Episode 9 on my Image hosted by Photobucket.com on the bus 187 and I was sitting on the seat facing the rest of the bus. Yeah, the SBS kind that has 2 rows of seats facing each other. I sat near the window. So this hot JJC girl comes on the bus and sits diagonal from me. It was like “woah”. Hot legs and pretty face. Good job nuts, you hit it, turn off the damn freaking Image hosted by Photobucket.com and talk to her. But nah… She was kinda busy sms-ing someone… But like I knew cos I was essentially fixing my eyes on the Image hosted by Photobucket.com all the time not that I wasn’t tempted to check out the hot legs but seriously, when someone sits so near you and coupled to that she’s facing you, you just check her out like that? Dude, that’s wrong. So well, I figured I should just continue to glue my eyes on my Image hosted by Photobucket.com.

Then guess what? The lady sitting opposite me decided to get off the bus, and a moment later, the hot girl moves in and sits oppposite me. Fuck… I was in the GREEN SMART NO.4! So yandao right? not……. So I managedto glance up twice to confirm if she’s chio. And then I went back to look at LOST again albeit being really distracted cause she brilliantly placed her legs right above my Image hosted by Photobucket.com screen and her legs were kinda… open. I tell you… Not alot of things can distract me from my Image hosted by Photobucket.com screen. But being in my Army Smart No. 4 with my initials and surname B Z YAP glowing on my right chest and the 2LT rank heavily imprinted on my 2 shoulders… I decided not to peer into the darkness and beyond…

Well… all heroes are zeroes… Go figure.


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I realised those who use Internet Explorer will so…

I realised those who use Internet Explorer will sometimes see my tagboard and links etc on the bottom of the page so I urge all who view any webpage at all to use Mozilla FireFox. Yeah. It’s almost devoid of spywares and you dun have to manage alot of windows with it. Go get it…

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Though time only moves one way, We can stil…

Though time only moves one way,
We can still relive “those days” in our mind.

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Ther previous one wasn’t very clear, so here’s Iri…

Ther previous one wasn’t very clear, so here’s Iris – Goo Goo Dolls which I koped from SHB’s blog.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Yeah. One of my favourite songs. Got this from my…

Yeah. One of my favourite songs. Got this from my SHB‘s blog.

Listening to Suteki Da Ne (piano ver) now. I recommend playing FF10 to understand the beauty of it all. Final Fantasy… My favourite RPG series.

Simply love the story. Beautiful story, but sad. Yeapz.

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Animes rawkz

It’s not that I don’t want to post anymore…

Actually, I just don’t know what to post about because day in day out all I do is go to work, go home after work, watch Bleach and Naruto, sleep and then the cycle continues. Everyone seems pretty busy during this period of time with camp preparations and NS. Only some of us lucky guys are still hanging out at night. So I get animes to keep me company at night.

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I got my PSP

Yeah. So I got it. With the hot racing game called Ridge Racer. This whole bloody thing cost me a bomb. I’d probably be eating grass for meals everyday for the whole of July until 10th AUG. Yeah, no more clubbin, pubbin or any unnecessary indulgence. The most I can dod is watch a movie on a weekday. I’m that poor now. And 1 movie per week at most. 1!

Hmmm.. Playing the game was cool, what was more cool was watching anime on the PSP. F**K!!!! It’s fucking clear and it looks damn good on wide screen! Watching Bleach on the PSP is just mad. It’s crazy. And soon I’ll add Naruto to the list… Yeah man. The power…

So like, it’s just damn freaking cool. The graphics are great, the sound is good. The speaker system actually does a pretty good job and the sleak look of the PSP. Perfect. The ideal boy toy. Hah. The ultimate gadget for now actually.

But yeah. I have burnt a big hole in my pockets. Please do not entice me into spending anymore anyone anywhere on anything.
For the rest of the days, just watching anime will suffice. Well, unlocking all the cars and tracks for Ridge Racer too… I’ll be the next Takumi and drift the hell out of all of you.

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Sometimes you look so hard at a puzzle trying to f…

Sometimes you look so hard at a puzzle trying to figure out how to solve it, you ultimately fail because you’ve been thinking too hard. The answer could be so simple that you just miss it out because you always thought puzzles are complex.


Only street lamps illuminated the cold hard road as rain began pounding the floor.

Dan waited as she walked past the crowd of people. “Thank God you’re fine,” he thought to himself.

Susan waded with weak steps past Dan. He didn’t dare place his eyes on her.

Susan’s world seemed so much better as she lay in Han’s arms. Angel’s wings they call it. It seemed as though she’d be fine even if the sky collapsed on them. She knew this is where she belongs.

As she wiped the tears from her eyes, she caught sight of Dan standing nearby. He’s never far when needed.

She took Han’s hands, “Give me a moment. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” and gave the hand a little squeeze to reassure him.

Dan never lifted his gaze from the ground. He couldn’t look. His eyes would betray him. He had to run away. But before he could even shift his foot forward, he knew his legs were rooted as Susan held him close. “Thank you.”

“Yeah. No prob.” He tried to smile, just as he always would.


Dan hated that word. He found no strength to speak.

Tears – X-Japan
Nagareru namida wo toki no kaze ni kasanete
Owaranai anata no toiki wo kanjite
Dry your tears with love
Dry your tears with love

Susan went back to Han as his wings spread out around her.

The rain continued its relentless beating. Dan looked on at their fading shadows down the never ending street lights.

He held out his hand to the rain, the pain overbearing.

Endless Rain – X-Japan
Endless rain, fall on my heart kokoro no kizu ni
Let me forget all of the hate,
All of the sadness

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I had my regular fix of good ol’ comics action tod…

I had my regular fix of good ol’ comics action today as I watched F4 with Joshua the Baby Huey. Well, it was better than I expected just as War of the Worlds surpassed my expectations. The summer blockbusters have been giving my money a good run.

Anyway, F4 is not the 4 guys trying to sing with whatever voice they do not have. It’s Mr. Fantastic (stretchy rubbery), Invisible Woman(fantastic’s wife and likes to strip naked while invisible and cast out force fields), Human Torch(hot stuff, can cook using bare hands), and The Thing(yeah. that Thing… big sized rocky guy with super human strength). Yeapz. Actually the

Fantastic 4 has never been my favourite comic characters but nevertheless, being The Geek, I know abit. But only very little bit about the F4. And yeah, Franklin Reeds, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman’s son is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Well… smart dad, hot mum, super kid. Haha.

Anyway, not a bad show to catch just for some entertainment. Next up… Sin City and The Island…

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Claim your bit of Mei Nu-ness on my blog now!

1. Ong Mei Nu
2. Shen Mei Nu

Anyone else wanna sign up? SHB wanna be one of the mei nus???????

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