Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.


My blog is boring. Extremely. Very. Absolutely. Awfully. Really. Terribly. What else epitomises the extent of a lack of flavour in my blog? Blogs are about one’s life. My life’s boring? I won’t know how to answer that question. At least I don’t think it is though I know I could do with more Simoleans(for those who play The Sims) in my pocket now. Or Gil(for those who play Final Fantasy).

And I need to take more pictures. Most of the pictures I put up are taken from the web. Bad. My artistic capabilities are covered under the facade of an intelligent game geek who whacks his desktop computer all day and all night till the dawn breaks. But yeah. I should spew some of my creative juices on to this wonderful webbie of mine and quell the doubts of the existence of my right brain. The side of the brain that your left hand calls master and the one that brings balance to the force. hah. Nah. Anyway, all the thoughts that do not require a logical thought process is churned out by your right brain. So those who are left handers usually are the better men in this area of life.

Alright, my bad, nonsense again.

Anyway, Coldplay’s new album “X & Y” is out. Check out the song Speed of Sound. Good stuff. Coldplay never fails to deliver the goods. These kinda bands are the reasons my iPod is filled with mostly rock music. Seems like I’m a rock guy. Just that I dun do “Rock your body” like Justin Timerblake does and tug at other’s clothes so that they can reveal their sunshielded nipple. Okae. Back to the point. Go get the album and listen. Some other bands to reccomend are The Weezers and The Killers. Not bad. Oh and check out the song “Jerk it out” by The Caesars. It’s the iPod Shuffle advertisement song. Groovy.

I sat through this movie called “City of God” on vcd recently too. It’s about a place in Brazil known as Rio DeJaneiro. Violent film. Not for the faint hearted but yet it glues you to the screen. No english spouted but superb story telling. It tells a story not of people but of a place. The City of God. The focus is on the hoodlums, the drug business and the shoot outs. The filming has a certain artistic touch but doesn’t kill the action nor the story. Somehow everytime a character breathes his last, you just think to yourself, “this society is damn screwed up.” And come to think of it, that was probably what the producer wanted to portray, to alert the world about the reality of life in those areas. I give it 4 1/2 stars.

And if you were wondering how many stars I give Starwars. I give it 4 1/2 stars too. Partly cause the force is with me and partly because it won’t be called STARwars if I don’t give it enough stars. hah. okae. more bull from me. But yeah, I liked the film so much I think to myself that I’m the chosen one and I’m supposed to bring balance to the force. 😉

Tmr’s a new day. New topics. New stuff to read on Tomorrow.sg
More work to do. New stuff to order for breakfast. New clothes worn by the office clerks. New people to see at the gym. More music to infuse into my iPod. More animes to watch. More OC episodes to watch. Maybe new babes would be a fine addition to this routinely interesting life.

Interesting. Right.


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Tear Jerker

That I-Believe-You thingy story…

Seriously a very cliche story. Somethings I already guessed halfway through the story. But still, it made me think. I was made a Pisces. Waater sign… Can’t control… *boohoo* Okae. Too bad I can’t bring myself to pen down my thoughts. Some things are like that. For me to know, for you to find out, right people?

Anyway, there were alot of usual scenes in the story and if you can’t figure out the code in Chapter 7, sorry, no clues, go copy and paste all the messages into notepad or something, you’ll see it. And I really loved the use of Romeo and Juliet in the story. Romeo and Juliet is probably my favourite love story, especially the version portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Ingenious.

There’s something about that guy too. Other than that he’s called Jacky Wu Zhong Xian which sort of puts me off abit. The author keeps refering to Taiwan artists linked with the song Wu Ding. But about the guy, he’s always smiling. You know people who’re always smiling… they always have some heavy burden upon their chests. They just don’t wanna lose to it. And now I think back to that year. Why was I always smiling? Hmmm… I don’t know. But, nothing wrong to smile la. 🙂 *grin*

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I believe you

I just only finished the 1st Chapter of the story and I’ve decided to share the story with all the dearest readers of my blog mostly whom I belive are from NJC and those who are not, probably know I’m from NJC too.

It really reminds me of those days when I stepped into school the first time. The days when I was still wearing THE Chinese High SChool uniform. The days when Orientation Camp was really fun and you made like half a school of friends in a frenzy 7 days. The days when many teenage romances just bloomed like it was a natural season of sorts.


So what love story awaits?


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Corby gets 20 years


Yeah. This lady is gonna get 20 years imprisonment for drugs trafficking even though she claims that the 4kg worth of Weed was planted in her luggage. On the brighter side, it could have been a death sentence. Would a 20 year jail term then be counted as a light punishment? To me, a 20 year jail term is as good as death. If you’ve been through NS you’d probably know. Having to stay in is almost the same as being in prison. You’ve got a room, a bed, toilets and your own stuff but other than that, you’re shut out from the rest of civilisation. Well, almost. 20 years away, that almost equates to death. So what will you do after the 20 years? Go out, sit down and weep the days till Mr. Ripper decides to take you to your final destination?

I am sympathetic over her plight, yet at the same time we all know that if you’ve wronged then you should bravely stand up and face the consequences. And if she didn’t do it? Then it’d be one human life wasted. Not by the hands of nature where there is no one to blame but Mother Nature herself. Wasted by the hands of a governing body and a council of law. Yet, can the judges take chances and allow the trafficking to continue? How do you weigh the issue?

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Liverpool the Euro Champions again.

After 21 years. Finally.

I’ve always only heard of the Liverpool legends. The past glory that basked the Liverpool streets and the times when Liverpool were the football giants. They may not have become a football giant now but it finally seems like they are on their way with a Champions League win. A premier competition in the European football scene.

So I watched the match from 2.30am to 6am. A whole marathon even longer than a normal movie would be. Was wearing the Liverpool Jersey of course. My lucky shirt. Anyway, the win was just ecstatic. But I doubt many would understand the way I feel about it. Haha. To cut it short. I am one happy man. Not that I couldn’t be happier. *wink*

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As I wandered in the grass planes, I thought I saw…

As I wandered in the grass planes,
I thought I saw a flicker
Not light but wonder.
Not compliance but denial.
I thought I saw you through the looking glass again.

As I wandered in the grass planes,
I raced,
My hands stretched forth,
As the thorns tore me
I thought I saw you through the looking glass again.

As I wandered further,
I glimpsed back.
My footprints wry.
I stood in the doorway to the theatre.
Did I see you through the looking glass again?

Where do I wander?
I thought I saw you through the looking glass again.
Did I see you through the looking glass?

Forsake the rabbit hole.
I did not see you through the looking glass.
It was your mirror.
And in it I see
the Cheshire Cat’s grin.

I thought I saw you through the looking glass.
The Cheshire Cat so grins.
Not compliance but denial.
The Cheshire Cat’s grin…
It laughs at my folly.

Forsake the rabbit hole.
Will it still be you I see through the looking glass?

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Not amused

The world is brewing with negativity, I’m not amused.
The mind is stirring a storm, I’m not amused.
My work desk is piling up, I’m not amused.
I haven’t seen StarWars 3, I’m not amused.
People lie, I’m not amused.
People disappoint, I’m not amused.
I still think the world’s full of beautiful things, but I’m still not amused.

Maybe I’m naive, but I wish this world was cured of lies.
Anything else but that can be worked out.
Not lies.

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No Wait

Yeah, wait… I can’t take it anymore…

I simply can’t live without…
I have to, I really love…

Basketball. I can’t stop talking about it?

Nothing but NET

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I’m uninspired. I don’t know what to write. I don’t wanna write about basketball or soccer anymore. at least not today. I discovered I write about those almost everyday. People write about donating to charity, recipes, movie reviews, political issues, schools, how f**ked up the world is, how lovely the baby is, what clothes to wear, how they changed ever since they gone clubbing.

But me, I don’t know what to write about. Okae… Actually, I’m writing about something after all ain’t I?

About not knowing what to write.

22nd May. Uninspiring Day.

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Uncle Reggie

The end of a basketball career. A good player. 18 years in Indiana Pacers, 144 play-off games, but no championship trophy. He received a standing ovation today at the end of the game. The opponent team declared a time-out to join in the farewell.

For a game you love so much, what goes through your mind on the last game?

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