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Sony’s PS3 has gone global.


For all good guys out there, it’s true. The PS3 has gone global and has been shipped out of the US. Which also mean you could get your hand on one of those mean machines out there soon. Or maybe later.

I would not recommend getting one soon though due to a few facts :

1. Games

The current selection of games is just pathetic. Not just talking about the quantity but there is a serious lacking of quality games to indulge in. Give it a year or 2 and we’ll start to enjoy blockbusters like FF13, Resident Evil 5, more Winning Eleven, Dragon Quests and better Gran Turismo that actually make good use of the system’s power. Mediocre games are just not meant for this machine.

2. The Machine

Early produced machines that are shipped may or may not have bugs or problems and are rarely detected. It would be a good idea to wait till these first batch are gone before buying your own PS3 as Sony would probably have fixed the problems and shipped out good sets by then.

3. The Mod

Early modification chips may also not be the best. As time passes, those people behind the mod chips will find more exploits and only those later mod chips will contain them. So for people who modify, just wait it out. It will be worth the wait.

Overall, this is the platform to buy if you are in to RPGs. PlayStation has always been known for RPG games and games like Devil May Cry. Action packed stuff right here and I have seen the graphics rendered by a PS3. Divine. So I will get it, just waiting for the right time.


Do note that you will however miss out on great games like Gears Of War that are only available on the Xbox360. We will never get the best of both worlds will we?


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Yahoo users get unlimited e-mail storage

Competition heats up. Gmail and Yahoo Mail are currently the 2 free web-based email service providers that provide the largest storage space available and even though Gmail has always been known for the large amount of space, Yahoo Mail has followed up by allowing 1gb worth of storage space recently to the free subscribers and 2gb for the paid subscribers.

Yahoo has now removed the cap and made email storage space unlimited. This is in tune with the usage of the internet where users are now sending more pictures and videos to each other via email.

I applaud Yahoo Mail in making such a decision, but changing of email account is not an easy thing to do. Like changing your street address, it follows with many hassles. How can Yahoo Mail simplify the switching of email addresses? How can it market the removal of the 1gb cap?


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