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And yes, my new comp was down for some time. Appar…

And yes, my new comp was down for some time. Apparently the graphics card kinda blew itself and I had to bring my whole system down to Sim Lim to check out which component it was that blew since I do not have another comp with the same capabilities.

Well, time to talk abit about life at this time. Seems like alot of my friends who are currently serving NS can’t be bothered about relationships with female counterparts at all. Why? I have no idea, but I definitely belong to the gang. Don’t get us wrong, we ain’t screwed up nor are we gay. Maybe it’s a lack of new female friends or could be just a lack of interest due to environments. I dunno, maybe you could tell me.

Can’t wait to go home and use my comp. Beautiful LCD screen, superb graphics, but sound’s an area to touch up on. Somehow, the speakers do not work when plugged into the Line Out port but works when plugged into the Mic port. Talk about finding the wrong hole.

109 more episodes of Naruto to go, 3 episodes of Bleach, 2 episodes of Lost, 50 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, 30 episodes of Smallville, 20+ episodes of Deadwood, 6 episodes of Rome, The Hulk, The Gladiator, Starsky and Hutch, 13 episodes of JLA Unlimited and I can’t remember what else for now… Woah… I’m a big pirate man and I wonder when i’ll get to finish watching these.

Next up on my list of downloads : Spiderman & X men. The 2 classic series of cartoons I grew up with. The spiderman cartoon is the reason why I like Spiderman so much. The opening theme was the robotic sounding “Spiderman, spiderman” followed by the electric guitar solo. Hah. And X Men, the times when they still had their blue uniforms with the yellow bands that forms a cross around their body and a red X at the centre of the cross. That was Cyclop’s uniform, some of their red X were located on tellow belts they wore. It’s a total of almost 100+ episodes added together I think. that’s around 10 – 20gb of download. Good thing I got myself a 250gb hard disk. Overkill you say? Not from my standards. It gets filled up real fast. More is never enough. ^.^


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Setting up my new computer now. Argh. Slow and pai…

Setting up my new computer now. Argh. Slow and painful process… Not the setting up part, connecting all the stuff up is fine. My comp’s working fine. It’s the downloading stuff to install part. Darn it…

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