Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Holidays are crouching around the corner ready to pounce on us poor NUS muggers any moment right now. Some earlier than others. I haven’t had a concrete plan for my holidays yet but a rough idea would suffice for now as I “dig” into my Programming notes and empty Stats notes. (reminder to self that I need to borrow stats notes to copy and remember to actually go through the programming notes, at least look at it geek boy…) Yeah.

All these are must-dos:

1. Photoshop : at least learn the basics but preferably master doing even vector graphics on Photoshop

2. Web-designing : well, I have the books ready right on my comp, I just need to start. this would cover dreamweaver as well which i’m half way through and you all might find me shifting again if i get the blog designs right

3. Holiday : a trip with my girl

4. Tuition agency : better start planning with Baby Huey soon

5. Family business website : not to forget, promised my parents

6. Basketball : and so you thought i was gonna stop training once school ends? dude, i gotta lose those flabs, what better way than my favourite sport?

It’s gonna be a funfilled action packed holidays for me…

I hope.


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There were times when I thought I should study real hard so that I could get a really good degree. The all important piece of paper to secure your future. But along the way, reality dawned on me. All the piece of paper does is land you a good job. A JOB!

So it really depends on what you want in your life. And for most people, getting a good job IS indeed what they want! I don’t discount that and exams would thus be an important stepping stone into an economy of work. I really think my interest is more hands on, and more IT related, and more planning and setting up than counting numbers.

But of course, I’m just finding an excuse for my dislike of texts. Because when I watched webcasts, I’d want to say that I dislike videos but that’s not true. What I’m studying right now does not exactly interest me, that’s about it. And I have to come to terms with it.

Whatever it is, uni life goes on so I can quit bitching about it.

Bliss. Love. Joy.

Your smile brightens my world.


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More fighting!!!

More fighting. Muay Thai vs Capoeira!  Capoeira looks nice leh.

More drunken boxing!

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Jackie Chan!!!

Feeding myself on useless stuff while studying. wtf?!?!?

and yes, Jackie Chan has the best Drunken Boxing sequences I've seen.

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Bingzhi 7 – 1 Excel VBA

I’ve finally downed the boss known as “Programming for Business : Term Assignment”.

And I can’t help but be amazed by the scoreline of the recent Man U vs Roma match where Roma got humiliated by such a jaw-dropping score difference. But I am sure that this is a once in a lifetime performance by Manchester United and they will never be able to do the same against another club of such high European stature ever again.

Liverpool will reach the crowning glory of Champions League champion again this season!

Such is the spirit in me at this moment! But alas, joy never lasts long in this world. I pull myself back to reality and stare away from my computer screen. There lies my textbooks and notes. The dungeon crawl through the Caverns of Study is not over yet. I shall emerge victorious and gain myself an EPIC weapon of some sort.

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I’m a geek. I spent 3hrs before dinner programming in VBA for Excel.  After an hour long dinner, I spent another 5 hrs on the programme. I did all this almost never leaving the chair staring at the laptop screen. I wonder how I still have perfect eyesight. That’s a whoooooping 8hrs worth of programming and I’ve been working on it ever since I woke up. I never knew I could do something like that unless I’m playing a game like Football Manager, Final Fantasy, Civilization or World of Warcraft.

Other than that, I’m planning to learn Apache, PHP, MySQL and xHTML asap. So you all might expect a change in blog address again shortly. But those are skills that are more Code-y.

0805-photoshop.gifPhotoshop is a definite must learn during the holidays. CS3 is out but I’m not converting yet. Not converting to Windows Vista yet either. But I may be uninstalling BootCamp and trying a virtualization programme instead so that I can spend more time on my Mac OS X.

Went to play VS  with Alan and gang at Serene Centre on Tuesday. Marvel Team Up expansion set is already out. Seems interesting, but not enough to make me spend more money on those cards. And yes, I haven’t touched those cards in ages. Took a long time during the draft scrutinising all the text on the cards before choosing, but that didn’t help me from losing all the games that I played. Haha. Talk about being a noob. That night, I was a Level 100 Noob.

world_of_warcraft_the_burning_crusade_pc.jpgAnd yeah, they’re already doing Level 70 dungeons in World of Warcraft : The Burning Crusade. I miss playing World of Warcraft, but I do need a steady income before I venture back into my beloved game. And if I can, I’ll sponsor my dearest girlfriend to play with me! LOL.

To feed my cravings for comics, I have also downloaded Earth X, Universe X and Paradise X. I’ve read Earth X when I was in TDS. Can’t wait to finish the series. Of course I still have the whole Spawn series, the Civil War series to complete as well. More holidays past time!!! And exams haven’t even started.

And so,  here goes. I’m going back to my dungeon crawl to slay the mobs known as “webcasts”, “textbooks” and “notes” and hopefully gain enough level before I encounter the dungeon boss affectionately known as “EXAM!!!”. Yes, it has 3 exclamation marks in its name. If I have not gained enough level, the boss will easily crush me but I cannot say the same for the rest of my brethren kind. Dungeon crawls of this manner is never fun, but for the sake of survival against this onslaught… I have to persevere……

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