Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

I need to catch up with my studies.

It is time. 4 weeks to exams and I’m lagging by the bucket loads.

It has been a week. A wonderful week and surely more and much more to come.  So many plans, so many things to do, so little time. And time passes even faster now. Why can’t time just come to a stand still at times?


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Guys, just go watch the movie.


What’s your profession?


Die, Persians…






Movie Poster


Movie Poster 2

For a testosterone filled evening, go watch this movie and feel the high. It’s amazing. Beautiful cinematography and choreography of fight scenes. Brilliant story by Frank Miller.

It’s a story about how King Leonidas and his 300 warriors fight through hordes of Persian army despite insurmountable odds.

I seriously think they should market their movie more. Make more money by advertising products. They should use Adidas sandals, wear Adidas crotch guards, use Adidas capes and of course don’t forget Adidas short bronze sword, shield and spear. Why you ask?

Cause they show us that



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PODCAST 3!!!!!


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darn busy…

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Sheares DOTA Competition ======> WON Champions!

Sweeeeeeeeeee… still looks like a good year ahead.

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After Stats Mid Term…

DOTA… Finals tonight. Let’s win this.

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The sun rises upon the eastern sky and shines brightly upon the Earth,  giving life and warmth and that’s how we know that the world still goes on.

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Good things come in pairs

As the old chinese saying goes, “shuang1 xi3 ling2 men2”.

Good things come in pairs. And at the age of 22, you certainly hope that good things do come in pairs.

22, what age could be better?

Getting whacked on my ass by 56/04 Bravo Platoon 3 and waxed with hot candle on my torso. Got to see some of the new girl friends as well.

Supper at Geylang with the FUFs + Challyster + wj. Dou jiang you tiao + dim sum. The usual crazy stuff.

Am I happy now?

Behold my twin!


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Coming Soon to a computer near you.







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