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Today in the bi-annually column that I actually do…

Today in the bi-annually column that I actually do alot more than bi-annually, I shall talk about how to be a secretary at a meeting:

1. Have lots of sleep the day before but don’t dream of another meeting. It’s like double the nightmare, double the madness, double the shagness. And you don’t want to wake up feeling shagged and knowing you’re going for a meeting later.

2. Bring lots of paper to copy down the minutes. Even though the papers will eventually be full of shit stuff, it’s different from toilet paper. Toilet paper you’d probably just use one side to wipe the shit. For minutes, it’s advisable to use both sides of the paper to contain all the shit that’s gonna be thrown at you.

3. Scribble the words you hear anyway you want as fast as possible as everyone in meetings tend to talk very fast. The faster we talk the faster we write. When they see our handwriting and thinks it’s shit, tell them that our handwritings actually show what they’ve been saying. Total Shit Dudes!

4. If you think you can’t scribble fast enough, do actually listen to whatever is going on even if it’s a shit load of crap that doesn’t matter to the members of the meeting. But what’s the point? When you do really have to type out the minutes, you’ll eventually remember all the shit loads of crap but forget the heavy amounts of important stuff… well… luckily i’ve got good memory.

Being the minutes guy just plain sucks man.


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