Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.



There were times when I thought I should study real hard so that I could get a really good degree. The all important piece of paper to secure your future. But along the way, reality dawned on me. All the piece of paper does is land you a good job. A JOB!

So it really depends on what you want in your life. And for most people, getting a good job IS indeed what they want! I don’t discount that and exams would thus be an important stepping stone into an economy of work. I really think my interest is more hands on, and more IT related, and more planning and setting up than counting numbers.

But of course, I’m just finding an excuse for my dislike of texts. Because when I watched webcasts, I’d want to say that I dislike videos but that’s not true. What I’m studying right now does not exactly interest me, that’s about it. And I have to come to terms with it.

Whatever it is, uni life goes on so I can quit bitching about it.

Bliss. Love. Joy.

Your smile brightens my world.



April 21, 2007 Posted by | Life | 5 Comments