Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

When i keep dying in dota, when i keep losing mone…

When i keep dying in dota,
when i keep losing money when gambling,
when i can’t make my shots and lay ups,
when i can’t study,
when i miss out on the great parties,
when people grow apart,
when things change so much,
when the world seems to have stopped spinning for me,
when the clouds are transfixed in its gloomy state,
when nothing is going my way,
when everything my do is wrong,
when all i can see is negativity,
and the word IMPOSSIBLE just throws itself at me time and time again
in succession, non-stop, as if it was really fun…

I should smile.
Because I know life couldn’t get any worse than this.
That this is probably the lowest it would get.

And so, despite my ill luck and fate, I decided to try out on another gambling session.
Since it couldn’t get any worse, it must be on the up turn! ==> i thought

So I loaned 10bucks from Charmaine and made enough to return her the 10bucks and still play comfortably. We were at blackjack at that time, same old blackjack, better luck. No blackjacks for me though, no double winnings nor triple winnings, just consistent winnings was enough to take me through.
Then we started on Texas Hold’em Poker. Addictive shit. But that was where the dough started rolling in, when people put the max of the 50cents stake each time. Luck has it that I have lived with the fuf long enough to learn some bluffing skills, and also to bestow me with wonderful cards. We only stopped because some have lost their buffer money for gambling.

my winnings.
a turning point?

or a deception point?

only time will tell.


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