Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Rice Table. First ever FUF outing in town. Good bu…

Rice Table.
First ever FUF outing in town.
Good buffet, had a good fill.
Yuanyuan and lunlun birthday celebration.
Kind of.
Running your fingers across the food warmer and pretend it’s not hot.
Ordering so many dishes you thought at some point you might not finish them all.
Pranks after pranks, lies after lies.
Never ending laughters.

K-ed the night away. 2nd session in a span of less than 48 hrs.
Almost the same songs, but with a different crowd. The FUFs

Screaming the night away, jumping on the sofa, choosing nuts from the tidbit bowl,
sucking away at lemons, crunching ice, slapping thighs, favourite duets,
competition to see who uses the toilet faster,
late night assignment rush, walking the familiar corridors to a room too familiar,
nice Zouk ad card, watching Ally fly around in the back seat,
trying to hold still while getting trashed at the slapping game with WaiKit on the wheels,
leaving only on the 3rd time the staff tells us to.

Leann Rimes’ voice still lingers in the subconscious of my head.
Her crisp, powerful voice.
“How do I live without you”
Reminds me of a time not too long ago when winamp was still our mainstay media player.

Good memories, happy moments, those wonderful instants.
Times when you wish you could grab hold of them with your bare hands,
but it slips through your fingers like sand.
And the sand whispers, “The only constant in this world is change”

Some things you probably will never have control of.
Things change. People change. Nothing ever remains the same.



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