Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Was playing basketball yesterday evening. Knew I h…

Was playing basketball yesterday evening.
Knew I had to stop when I almost tripped while chasing a loose ball as both my calves cramped.
Reminded me of what alison meant by “wo de jiao hen suan!”
It must have been either the weather, or the Heineken.

Note to self : No more drinking before sports. Else shoot yourself.

Went with Joshua to meet up with Alan at Holland V. Ended up at Brekos.
Had Cabonara for lunch. Not excellent. I’d advice against having that at Brekos.
Well, that was where I had Heineken too.

Note to self : Time to find a job and get yourself a damn camera, or at least a phone with a decent one.

So, it was KTV the next day, which happens to be today. Belting out our voices to the melodies of those ching chong cheena songs.
Serene the “we didn’t know she could be so wen rou when she sings”
Sabrina the “check out that range, she could sing any song”
Wui Ern the “she picked Jaded by Aerosmith and half the time wants to sing the guy part”
Alison the “she can sing super high pitch songs so any high pitch parts let her sing” —-> she did a Bu De Bu Ai
Joshua the “play a fool and hurt his throat by screaming away into the mic”
Had a great time. Favourite duets, great singers, fun songs.
So… yes, our KTV did materialist after all. It ain’t all talk and no action.


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