Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

The feeling of winning. The feeling of making t…

The feeling of winning.
The feeling of making that crucial last shot of the game.
The feeling of bringing your team up by 1 point.
The feeling that you’re in control.

The stress, the shouts, the look in the eyes. I felt it.
And I wanna have more of it.

Team Tanglin 52 – 51 RBL

The last 17 seconds. Pressing their in bound pass, interception by Koon Teck, pass to Chee Cheong as I ran for the open space on the right. A pass to me, the drive up to the basket. The shot I’ve done so many times, I know I can do it. But my head whirls. It’s the last shot for my team, the last chance for us to take the lead.

If you want to win, go back to basics. The numerous duke drills I’ve done in the past months. I know I can’t miss this.

PAAAP. Goes the ball as it hits the board and drops right through the hoop.

I got it, 7 secs left. RBL starts the ball, press them! 6… 5… 4… 3… a pass to their player outside the key… 2… 1… shot… and miss.

A good win. Good effort by the team. Many things we can work on. But for today, the battle is won. Good game. Good job.

Too much quoting Meredith. Now everything I say is a form of Meredithism to Ally.
No. I am not whiny nor am I depressed.
Still, Grey’s Anatomy writers are really TOK KONG!!! Have to give it to them.

When I quote from the show, it’s just that I think the quote is note-worthy,
and doesn’t mean I’m whiny OR depressed…
errrr. Right?

Don’t worry…
I never said I wasn’t Scary and Damaged too.


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