Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Went home after basketball training at Tanglin. Go…

Went home after basketball training at Tanglin.
Good training, worked out a few plays to use on Monday.
Players not too familiar with the plays yet, but should get better in weeks.
Come on guys, don’t anticipate! You’re gonna kill yourselves.
The opponents aren’t gonna run the plays that we’re running,
I see you anticipating, I’ll cut you and drive past you, it’s that simple,
DO NOT ANTICIPATE. Use your body and legs and defend well.

Good effort though, fast swings, looking for the open shot, going in strong.
And as for me, it’s a good place to work on my vision and gauge my individual improvement.

Energy’s been pretty much sapped in the last few weeks with the IHG on going and studies mounting up into a marvelous pile of junk that you have no idea where to begin with. But I’m catching up, and if possible I should do it with Super Speed. Wish you had super hero powers sometimes don’t you? I’d like to have Batman’s abilities if I had the chance. It’s almost as if he’s reached the peak of mankind’s powers. Rich, handsome, charming, black hair, nice cape, agile, strong, VERY intelligent. But he doesn’t have his parents. So… I guess no one has a perfect life.

So I went home after training to rest my body, mind and soul. Slept early and woke up at 10am to watch the second half of NBA Cleveland Cavaliers vs Miami Heats. Dwayne Wade scored 41 points, making 23 free throws out of 24. Madness. Relaxing. And feels healthy to finally sleep early and wake up early.

Feeling good and ready to go. I wanna get some more bball in my hands right now. But before that, I better finish up my marketing webcasts. 3 webcasts to go. and Half of a programming webcast since I slept through the whole lecture on Thursday, waking up from time to time to try and understand what the lecturer is saying. OR was I waking up just because it isn’t respectful to the lecturer? OR maybe it’s because MingHui is beside me giving me back rubs. But well, webcasts take alot less time to finish than lectures. Just put it at 2.0 speed. That’s half your time saved. The lecturers will speak gibberish at times though, just slow it down and work through it.

Like they always say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,
Tough times make tough men and all that rubbish.
Friends, if you’re going through a hard time right now,
just know that all you’ve got to do is stay strong,
stay strong and pull through the pain, ride through it, fight through it
and in time, who knows what’s gonna be knocking at your door?
Really good times maybe?
In the mean time, flex your muscles where it hurts most and take the bashing,
take the charge, defend hard, hold your position, fight for it and grab the rebound.
Then we know it’s our turn to fight back again.


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