Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

And so, I slept my day away. Again. Watched Grey’s…

And so, I slept my day away. Again.
Watched Grey’s Anatomy till 5.30am, slept till 7am. Had breakfast, slept from 8am again and yada yada yada dream yada yada.

Finally woke up at 5pm to know I gotta drive the volleyball girls down to the SRC. And from then on, it was endless driving till 10pm.

The life of an SMB driver.

Maybe we’re too nice. Maybe we’re giving in to every request. We answer to everyone’s transportation needs just because it’s IHG and we do have a lorry. We bring you places fast. You ask for it, we do it. And most of the times, it’s me and Joshua doing the driving. I’m not saying that the rest of them aren’t driving. Just that we do most of it.

And sometimes, you do feel taken for granted. Especially when you’re driving a whole team of players and no one wants to sit beside the driver.
Driving the lorry is lonely business.

And when the lorry has broken down, we try our best means to fix it. Yet some people call us and grief us why prior notice was not given that the lorry has broken down. Would I know that the lorry would break down?

Still, being taken for granted is the worse feeling.
When it seems like you’re always the one taking the step,
when you’re always the one making the extra effort,
when you’re always the one going the extra mile,
it makes you want to walk away from it.

Yet, some things are just too important for you to just simply walk away from.
So you just take the next step, and a next, and a next
and hope that someday you’ll find that you’re no longer walking alone.


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