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A plea from dearest Cheryl to type something happy…

A plea from dearest Cheryl to type something happy.
But Sheares Basketball got knocked out in the semi finals by Temasek Hall.

Losing is never a good feeling.
Neither is mediocrity.

Thanks guys. It has been a wonderful 7 months. The best 7 months of basketball I’ve ever played in my life. And many more years of good basketball to come.
I remembered the things I said during my 2nd training in Sheares.
“I know I’m not too good a player, but I promise I’ll learn and train hard and improve along with the team. Have patience with me.”
I can proudly say that the team has improved over the months, and so have I. By leaps and bounds. Not enough, but it is a start. If I keep up with it, I know I can become a main stay player in Sheares too. Continue being part of the legacy.

Must thank Nicholas. He’s been my biggest mentor over the last few months. He’s showed that everyone in the team counts. He put in his heart to make every player feel like part of the team, teaching without qualms, without holding back, without prejudice. Thanks to Nicholas, I have improved.

Thank Adi and RongTzu for the patience to advice me and guide me over the months of training. My confidence with the ball is definitely building up. Thanks. RongTzu, I’ll train double as hard. We may not be tall, we may not be BIG, but we play BIG. I promise I will play big. I will improve in the next one year. I have reached my goal for this IHG. I will set my new goal soon. I will achieve it again.

Thanks FuF. For being my buddies, for this past 7 mths.

Thanks Cheryl. For being so awesome. I wish I were like you. And Dalun, you were (… this part obviously typed by Cheryl and Da Lun, promptly stopped by Bingz)


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