Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Good game today. Finally I see my game play impro…

Good game today.

Finally I see my game play improving. Making my shots, getting my kills and winning the games.

Went down to Tanglin for a bout of basketball games today.
Was a good experience. Played 2 games. Won both. Scored more than 20 points out of the 58 total my teams scored.
Too individualistic? But I made quite a number of assists as well. Most of the points I scored are from fast breaks.
My defence improved as well. I can press the guards of the team confidently. Keep it up. Good hustles.
I need to continue improving my game. They may not be able to catch up with my driving, but that cannot be my only weapon.
Else I’d do no good for Sheares Hall Basketball Team. Time to get my shooting up so maybe I can be a new option. A new weapon in the arsenal of Sheares Hall players.

I love playing DOTA with my brothers. In the past 2+ weeks, I haven’t lose a single game I played with them in the team.
Fluid team work. It’s like we know what each other are gonna do, kills are just too simple. Helped me learn a lot about the game as well. Denies and last hits are going up as well. But not yet at my brothers’ levels. 100+ kills by mid game. WTH??? that’s almost twice of other usual players.

Of course gaming isn’t the only thing I wanna improve. Studies and many other things. Really, I see things going up. And I’m only too glad at the moment. Everything seems bright. Looks like a really good year ahead of me. Really gotta learn to grab opportunities like this and accomplish more.

2007, bring it on.


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