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i probably haven’t missed this much shots in recen…

i probably haven’t missed this much shots in recent times. or is it just that i’m making more of it? but well… holidays are coming. my chance to bridge the damn gap between myself and the rest of the bballers. i’ve got the stamina and the speed, i need to get my damn fundamentals right. and trust me, this hols is intensive training for myself. in the mean time… regarding exams :

BSP1004 Legal Environment of Business => hard to say. wrote as much relevant stuff as i possibly could. more importantly, did i get them right?

BSP1005 Managerial Economics => didn’t finish the paper. missed about 20marks? zomgwtfbbqpwned… and the worse thing is i knew the answers to the question, but the calculations for the first few questions was a few too many. when facing a bell curve, all u can do is pray and hope that others left out more than you. =]

JS1101E Introduction to Japanese Studies => zomgwtfbbqpwned too… like all mcqs, eliminate the 3 stupid answers and choose the most politically correct answer among the 2 answers left. if there is an answer that’s a combination of other answers like e) c & d … pick that. if it says e) none of the above … try not to pick that. i’m the biggest noob. i chose the wrong picture for a famous prime minister. noob… damn it. but other than that… haha. again, pray and hope that others fared worse. i tried to “confirm” answers with the 2 ppl sitting diagonally left and right in front of me… but the one on my diagonal left could only answer a few questions here and there… and 10mins b4 he left, i saw him filling up the bubble sheet real fast… anyhow do ah? i dunno. the one on my diagonal right got some fundamental answers wrong… can’t trust… damn it, can’t they seat me somewhere with people who have studied on my diagonal left and right?

MNO1001 Management and Organisation => my most confident paper thus far. but having slept only 6 hrs in the past 2 days… i was clutching my poor head most of the time while doing the paper. reminds me of the 2 hell weeks i went through for A levels. but in these conditions of extreme stress, i managed to block out the noise of pool balls ramming into each other and the damn air hockey thing going “cling clang cling clang”… damn kao bei… tmd… but well, i absorbed the 4 sheets of core concepts requirement and 4 sheets of help sheets within the 2hrs i had b4 the paper. amazed by the capabilities of my damn brain. hah. MNO… 靠你了。

next up… FNA1002 on saturday 1pm… my plan now… take a nap till 12.30am. read through my stuff till breakfast, take a quick one and have my long rest prob till mid afternoon. After which, I’ll go into frenzy mode again and absorb all the shit and finish up as much past year papers as possible.

Do or Die, there is no Try.

i love my stamina.


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