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I always thought I’m a liberal guy. I let people h…

I always thought I’m a liberal guy. I let people have their way.

As an Officer, I let people do what they want as long as they finish what they have to do.
As a House Captain, I don’t chase for work.

When I know new people, I don’t judge.

I’m always quite open to new ideas. Quite open to things people do.

When girls tell me “My boyfriend don’t let me wear mini-skirt” I’ll tell them “Why like that one? If i got girlfriend, she wan wear wad just let her wear lo. nvm one wad.”

When they tell me “My boyfriend don’t let me go out with other guys” I’ll tell them “Harh? why so protective? why so possessive? just friends wad. when i got girlfriend, i sure let my girlfriend go out with her guy friends. but of course i also can go out with my female friends lo. must have mutual trust ma”

i tell my guy friends the same thing, they tell me “bull shit la. when you have girlfriend, you’ll know. u confirm dun let her go out with other guys one”. but i beg to differ.

When I’m a father, I want to be a liberal one. I will teach my children right from wrong. And after that, they’ll have to explore the world themselves though I’ll still guide them along their way. I don’t want them to grow up confined like me. Confined by narrow beliefs. So I’m going to let my kids grow up without me controlling them? Well, I think we need to know the balance. We need to know how much control from parents is healthy for growth.

These are my ideals. I do not like to control what people do.

“Please don’t control me” just hit me hard. Big time. I felt like I failed. Especially when it’s from someone close. Someone who’s going to be reading this. Hur. I’m not that liberal after all eh? Pui. FAIL. F9.


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