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BizAd Camp… girls : guys = 5 : 1… dun larh…

Here is a WoW cartoon. For those who play the game, it is damn funny. Go check it out :
WoW Cartoon Link

Well, I received an email from NUS BizAd again. This time regarding the health of the BizAd FOC female : male ratio…

It’s almost embarrassing to have to write specifically to you GUYS, on a matter as attractive as Biz Freshman Orientation Camp that, till yesterday, had a female:male participation rate from freshies of 9:1.

You read it right: nine-to-one!

Well, some current male students caught wind of the favourable situation, and signed up, so the ratio as of yesterday was 5:1.

We are in danger of losing our SDU funding because of the lop-sided ratio, so please do consider starting your lifelong ownership of our Biz collegiate community on the right note, and sign up: http://www.bizadclub.nus.edu.sg/bizadfoc06. Just send a mail to bizadfoc.06@gmail.com.

There is promise of fun, fun and fun. For those of you who had been in the army, it’s nothing like the defence camp; promise! And it is inexpensive because of SDU and other subsidies.

This is the unique Biz thing that you will not forget. Plus, your future soul mate may just miss you if you don’t show up.

Don’t think that there will always be a chance to sneak in next year as a senior; next year’s male freshies may be smarter than you guys and fill up the places first. On the other hand, you may enjoy this camp so much that you volunteer to be one of the organizers for next year (well, also so that you can be in next year’s camp legitimately).

So don’t be shy.

Hope to meet you at the camp.

Seriously, I almost died laughing. Aiyarh… but the student ratio is already something like that. What do you expect??? Just cut off the number of girls lo… What to do. Not like all the guys who go there are looking for a spouse to be only. I think it’s stupid larh. What do you know about someone you’ve just met over 4 days? But it’s just damn SDU.

I never knew SDU funds these camps anyway. Hurhur. For 21yr old guys to meet 19yr old girls. As in… Majority are around these age. Got abit of age gap actually. I dunno. But okae larh. Younger better than older. At least SDU got that right. thought not always. HAHAHA… SDU FUNDS CAMPS!!! OMG!!! WHY I DUNNO!!!

Sian larh. Wahlao… Confirm alot of flirting and things like that one. I like not very interested in doing that right now leh… Nvm larh. Since I’m in the same group as Joshua Lim Hao Zheng. I shall let him have all the girls. HAHAHA. 5 : 1 neh… Sorry leh girls… Really very few guys for you all to see. I hope those that you get to see will be quality ones too… But I think BizAd guys should be no prob larh. At least can see ya? But wtf… I always thought these camps were “okae, get to know some ppl so that you got friends to talk to over the next 4 yrs” kind of thingy. Guess I was wrong. How naive… (wahahaha)

Cheesh… It’s all the Ice-Breaking Games again… wahlao… Dun ah… how sian… “as we walk to the left, as we walk to the right, as we walk as we walk as we walk all night, with a heel and a toe and a half turn around, with a heel and a toe and a new friend found.” zzz. dun wan la… and i hate the games that muz remember name one. tmd… i sure forget. I dun like to memorise things. Sian sian…… But boh bian… must know new friends larh. Else projects can die. Guess I should start building up the foundations for my future and my studies le… I suddenly quite studies oriented. I’m not joking…


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