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Girl here, Girl there, Girl everywhere

Hi everyone,

Remember I asked everyone to help our School hit 600? I think we more than hit
it, with everyone's help!

For those of us who had chipped in to attract students, in one form or another:
a big thank you for a job well done! Bizad is definitely on the ascent, and we
can all be happy for our School. The freshies will also be looking to your
welcome, so please do help induct them to be together lifelong co-owners and
co-builders of our collegiate community!

Of course, the job (admissions) is not really done, until all students show up
during matriculation. Below are some more details.

As of now, 625 are due to matriculate this August. A few would drop out, but
there are many appeal cases. On balance, we expect the actual cohort size in
August to be a bit more than 625 (625 minus no-shows plus late admissions).

Out of these 625, 97 are NS men who applied 2 years ago. Likewise, 243 (not
included in the 625) NS men accepted this year are due to matriculate in 2 years
time. Why is 243 a lot larger than 97? Well, 97 was when our cohort of
matriculated students was only 326 two years back.

Out of 625, therefore, only 446 (almost all female students, except
international students) are from those who just graduated from A-Levels or Poly
(we also admit students, including a few Singaporeans, with qualifications other
than A-Levels and Poly). Of these 446, 352 (79%) will be doing BBA, and 94
(21%) gained direct entry into Accounting (of course, really still in the BBA).

Overall, out of 446 (mostly female students), 161 (36%) are from Poly. Thus,
285 (mostly female) students who just completed their A-Levels are due to join
us in August.

As you can see, because we only have 97 males returning from 2 years of NS, this
cohort will be very much females dominated! I think it is going to be more than
2/3; let's hope it is not more than ¾! Else, we would have to start holding
functions with Engineering!

Over the next two months, we shall be working hard to retain all 625, attract a
few more, and, above all, build cohort spirit for the freshies from the start.
Let's do this together. It is still not too late to volunteer for freshman
orientation activities.

hohoho... did u see that? 97 guys ORD from NS and the other 446 are
mostly females... That means that when I do project...
It's probably gonna be like I'm the only guy in the group.

Actually... The number of girls not important...
The number of chio bus is...

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