Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

The Combination

And there are times you sit before your comp not knowing what to talk about but you’re just really bored and you stare at the empty box and then you think, “wtf… i’ll just type anyway” and u have no directions, no motives and no inspirations. so you just let the words take you to the next and the next thing, you realise that you have typed out almost 50 words just to tell people that you are typing nonsensical nonsense that no one would actually want to read.

So how was PC fair?
The usual. Not as many sexy booth babes but there sure are lao tiko uncles who squeeze through the whole crowd trying to get a few good feel up ya booty, the “i will squeeze my way through even if all the space i have is that of the size of a pin hole… yeah. i am like the light that will go through the pin hole” kind of people, the people handing out loads and tons of brochures etc… Not too fun. At least the trip wasn’t wasted because Phyllis bought her external hard drive.

And then… I went home for a job searching filled evening to find that there isn’t much offers that suits my time table. Because of Biz ad Camp that’s on 19th to 22nd June. 4 weekdays. How to find suitable job? Sian. But I need a temp one. No choice. Anyone who has or knows of anything, please inform me.

And then now… I can’t concentrate on gaming anymore… weird? Maybe it’s the 1 week hiatus, I don’t know… my in game friends are ahead of me already. I should be playing extra hard to catch up… But… lazy leh. Would I rather be typing in this box called “Compose”? No actually… But I’m just really bored.



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