Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

I should sleep. 3 days of madness coming up. I nee…

I should sleep.
3 days of madness coming up.
I need rest.

My spider sense. I will trust you.
Work for me. Please.


May 24, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Time again to blog through my comments page. I had wanted to just put a picture for today’s entry. But if I can’t log in, then I can’t post pictures. nvm. Maybe I’ll just splash a thousand words to replace the missing picture.

    Everything has it’s own time and place.

    Was supposed to go to the airport to send HuiPing off for her ShangHai trip today. Plans spoilt.

    Found from Wikipedia ===> Murphy’s law (also known as Finagle’s law or Sod’s law) is a popular adage in Western culture, which broadly states that things will go wrong in any given situation in which error is possible.

    You can have the most perfect plan, you can be a genius and everything could be flawlessly executed but things will just go wrong because it can go wrong.

    Look at Peter Parker. Everything goes wrong for him. His uncle Ben got killed by the robber he didn’t stop. His girlfriend dies. His alter ego, Spiderman, is constantly abused by local media. He is constantly pursued by super villains.

    But these things do not daunt him. And his life ain’t all about the pits.

    He gained super powers geeks would die for.
    He got to kiss Mary Jane upside down.
    He married Mary Jane.
    He married Mary Jane.

    Oh. yeah, he married Mary Jane. Hah. That’s got to be the best thing that happened in his life.

    Mary Jane is a hero’s dream lover. The one who would tell them to “Go, save the world” and not “Why aren’t you spending more time with me than your stupid costume?”. The one who fully trusts him and believes in him.

    Who could believe that she’s a super model and actress? She ain’t shallow at all. Cool eh?
    And she has red hair. Haha.

    My mum always warns me about my future wife.
    “Ey, looks not important k? Just make sure that your wife is not the type that scolds you 24/7. In the end you’re the one who will suffer, not me, I dun need to stay with you.”
    And everytime I hear that, I’ll just “okokok” and remind her that this is the 100+ times she’d told me that.
    I don’t believe that I would get a wife like that. Although I’m sure my wife would definitely be pretty. Someone make sure my wife reads this in the future. Hah.
    But well, according to Murphy’s law… you never know.

    And I got into Business Administration with Accounting in NUS. Cool. Was wondering why I haven’t received my Freshmen orientation package. Well, I received it yesterday and it was a plus to have a NUS veteran beside me to brief me about my upcoming missions.

    Anyway, I realised that kopitiams are the best places to eat when your wallets are kinda tight. Screw Swensens and screw Burger King. 3 bucks Chicken rice. Filling and cheap. Tastes good too. All that’s lacking is Air Con. Woot. I din know 20 – 30mins of air conditioning costs between 5 – 20bucks.

    Comment by Zaeck | May 25, 2006 | Reply

  2. I feel an urge to type and I have no idea why. There’s nothing I want the world to know but I just have to say something. WHY? I don’t know.

    So then I’ll just start my ramblings.

    The first day is past. Thursday. Done. HuiPing’s gone to ShangHai. But not to worry, she’ll be back soon. And I’ll go to the airport on the 6th June to see my OCS buddy Mr Darrell Yeo off for his studies. I’d probably meet him for supper one of these days as well.

    This guy. He played a big part in my life during OCS. We talked about all kinds of shit after lights out. About music, cars, movies, vintage, art, love of speed, girls(guys not talking about girls is just plain weird), school, education, family, love, heartaches, food etc. Anything under the sun, you name it and we probably have discussed it.
    He watched my back and I watched his. We may not be the closest friends but I would dare say that we don’t want anyone else as buddies. There is a connection. A brotherhood. We know it. And I would like to thank him for the great times we had in OCS, in Taiwan and in Brunei. It was unbelievable. We share things with each other selflessly. We trust each other. It is so good to know that you have a buddy you can trust and if you ever fall, you know that his hand is always there to keep you from hitting Ground Zero. And you will do the same for him. Thanks dude. I miss those days.

    Pardon my bit of nostalgia.

    I was telling Phyllis about how I used to cry almost every night. Yeah. What a pussy. Cry for fuck? T’was J1 I think. Young and innocent. You like a girl, you put in your all, she doesn’t give a fuck about you. You feel lonely at night, heartache and then what do you do? You cry. Pathetic fool. I can’t believe I was such a pussy. People like to call these kind of guys SNAG. Sensitive New Age Guys. Hohoho. More like PUSSY. Pathetic Useless Sickening SissY. Sian. But I should thank the girl. Hardened me up. I can’t cry over a girl anymore. Actually. I can’t cry over almost anything anymore.

    I watched Fight Club for the second time in my life last night. I can’t help but to feel liberated everytime I watch that film. Check out the frame right b4 the credits. It’s a picture of a naked black man with a huge dick. It’s an inside joke. You gotta watch the movie to understand. I like shows about freedom. I like to be free. I don’t like regimentation. I believe that it limits people’s creativity and abilities. That’s why I don’t like the army. Because it never evolves. It tells people that it is evolving to a 3G Army. That can only happen if the mindset of the people change. But I am sorry to say, it has not changed and I do not see that happening unless those with the old mentality are removed. That’s probably why I liked V for Vendetta. Why do we suffer the cruelties of society? Why do we have to work? Can’t we not work if we don’t want to? No work = no money. The sad realities of life.

    Comment by Zaeck | May 25, 2006 | Reply

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    Comment by Anonymous | July 22, 2006 | Reply

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