Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Curiosity kills the cat.

I was reading through my own blog.
I actually enjoyed it. Hah. I think I should continue typing the way I did.
But my thoughts aren’t as interesting anymore.
Everyday, all I think about is how my Orc Warrior will reap through the flesh of the little Gnomes in the World of Warcraft.

That’s a lie.

A preview of the week to come.

Sunday – SAFTI Range 300m as Range Neutral
Monday – Over The Hedge
Tuesday – Duty from 9am – 5pm, 1am to 9am, Rest from 5pm – 1am T_T
Wednesday – Chalet with Bravo Wing 56/04 Platoon3
Thursday – Chalet with Bravo Wing 56/04 Platoon3

People listen to their head for rationale answers.
People listen to their heart for the truth.

I tell people what my head says about them.
I tell people what my heart says about them.
But me, I have ever only listened to bullshit.
That’s why I always have bullshit answers for myself.

I wish people knew that almost every post I make has double meaning.
I just try to cover them up. Because I can.
And I always wanted to know what people think as they are reading the posts.

Curiosity kills the cat.
Therefore the cats that are alive are the smartest cats.


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