Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

A different impact

I realise that when you read a blog, you cannot understand what the author feels at the moment he or she is writing it. You only infer. You see the words and your brain processes it, telling you that “oh so that is what is in their brains at that time”. But you do not fully comprehend the feelings involved.

But as you look at pictures, there is a visual impact and it makes a difference. Things become clearer.

I like the Vengeance picture. The anguish on Romeo’s(Leonardo Di Caprio) face. I can imagine how he feels.

I like the Passion picture. I feel the love, the heat of the moment. That’s what passion’s about isn’t it? The heat of the moment. The impulse. The moment.

I like the Despair picture. The pain of knowing that nothing you do will help.

It tells so much.


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