Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

I was wondering why I just didn’t feel like writin…

I was wondering why I just didn’t feel like writing much anymore.
Hmmm… I still haven’t found the answer.

But let me share a thing or 2.

Why do we live? Humans live to reproduce, for what? To make sure that we can keep reproducing? When we’re living on Earth, which is negligible compared to the massiveness of the universe, what is the meaning of our existence? Is there a higher purpose?

Imagine if we do not have the consciousness of knowing who we are and what we are, we would be like ants just going about their everyday tasks without question, serving the ant queen.

But we think, and therefore we are. Yet we do not yet have a conclusive explanation of our existence. Meaningless lives when we look at the BIG picture. Tens of thousands of years compared to the gazillions babaloooooonillians of years that the universe has been through undergoing great changes.

Watch the Matrix again. What is real? What is not real? How do we tell? Is there more to it than what we do everyday?

Haha. Feeling philosophical.

Leave you to it. These are the appetizers. My opinions in the next post. Seeya.


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