Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Thanks Charles. This is the second time you’re wis…

Thanks Charles. This is the second time you’re wishing me luck for something I’ve written on my blog. I guess that’s what BRAthers are eh? Support at all times in all situations. Heh. Imagine what we’d be called if we were to play sports together. And if we win? How bout if we were to become super hEROes or end up as zEROs…

Ok. What the heck am I talking about. Hah. FHM does nuts to your brain especially when the cover is the babelicious Dawn Yeo a.k.a. Miss ClapBangKiss. All I can say is HOT! Anyway, on leave till Thursday. Cause of driving. Hope I make it.

I would like to divert all avid readers of my blog to a website. GodTower
It’s a puzzle game where they show you a flash with a few pictures and you figure out the password from there. Go try it. Made to level23 and decided that I shall not waste time at home doing it. Level 22 took me 1hr to solve. Hah. It took me an hour to solve a puzzle!!!

I’m really feeling quite bored nowadays. WoW-ing is still fun. But I just feel bored. Feeling bored while having fun. So much entertainment. Endless shows to watch, endless games to play. Still bored. BORED! Especially DUTY! BORED!

Damn it.


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