Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Hmmm… been 20 days since i last updated the blog…

Hmmm… been 20 days since i last updated the blog.

Today I shall talk about losing games.
Like the name of my blogs, games can be dangerous. They infuse insane amounts of adrenaline into your body and makes your hands shake uncontrollably.
Ok, not all the time. But you know it’s coming when you’re really close to winning and yet it is not a certainty. Same thing though if you’re on the losing end.

But losing in a game sucks. Plain sucks. When you’re playing a game you’re out to win. Losing is like a waste of time. But come to think of it, you learn from your mistakes and become better when you lose. Shi bai nai shi cheng gong zhi mu. Failure is the mother of success. (direct traslation. lol)

Anyway, I was at a card game competition. It was a round of 4 games. I lost the first game. That lost wasn’t too bad. Then I won the next game, losing the next 2 pretty badly and learning my mistakes along the way. That was why before a competition like that, you cannot just lay your cards on your bed in the middle of the night creating fantasy scenarios that would allow your cards to emerge winners. You had to put it through tests with an actual deck of cards.

Learning point? We may now all the theories in the world. We may know all the business strategies, all the pick up lines, all the chao geng ways but if we do not put it into actual practice first, we probably would never succeed.

Yeah. Blardy hell… I’ll be in Malaysia from 2nd Dec to 5th Dec. There’s some card game competition I’m joining as well with prize total of 10k USD. I just have to make it into the top 24 of over 100 – 200 guys there. Haha. Play more and learn. Win money.

Winning feels good. Losing just plain sucks.


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