Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Darn. Today is just such a fucked up day, I just t…

Darn. Today is just such a fucked up day, I just typed half an entry and the page just returned to the login screen by itself. NahBeizzzz…….

Anyway, while planning duty today morning, I realised that I had to do duty tomorrow morning, and some higher rank guy had to make me stay back till 10pm today at what OKTOBERFEST. Drink German beer eat German food… HAHAHA… I LIKE!!!! Like your head… 10pm… you want to stay doesn’t mean I want to stay and other than the rank that is bigger than mine I do not feel obligated to stay back to keep you company. I am not a “xiao-jie” and I’m not paid with all the peoples’ taxes to talk and drink with you. And it’s over time, I just don’t get paid. And I do not enjoy talking to you. When I talk to you, I have to be the fakiest person I’ve ever been. Really, my smile was the most “qian1 jiu4” smile I’ve ever managed…

Alright, so while drinking, me and my fellow officers were talking about premarital sex.
Will I have premarital sex? : Fuck. Why don’t you bring a crystal ball here and tell me?
When are you gonna get married? : Early 30s? late 20s?
So my friend was saying, “so say you’ll get married at 27, for the next 7 x 365 days while you’re not doing anything, guys around you are becoming more exprienced, pros at it while when you start out at 27, you’re a noob.”
he continued, “we are in a society where not all things are accepted, especially things like premarital sex.(can tell from the sarongpartygirl rave and so on la) But it does not mean that society does not yearn for it. They want it but just because society does not present itself as accepting for that idea, everyone goes for the sheep follow the herd idea.”
Okae, I agree, which guy doesn’t get horny? And it’s commonly known that girls do get horny too. When things get hot… haha. =P but coming back to the point, i think that society may yearn for it, but it may not mean that society wants it. It’s just different perspectives larh. So what if I’m still a noob when i’m 27 when some other guy probably has fucked maybe like 365 girls in 365 days? hah. It’d be like fucking toys. Okae, if I changed the word fuck to make love, maybe it’d make more sense. I doubt that a guy who could fuck so many girls in his lifetime can confidently say there’re feelings between him and all the girls.
It boils down to what each individual wants. What gratifies him. A guy may have his eyes set on having a perfect marriage(is there such thing as a PERFECT marriage?) and wants both him and his wife to be a virgin at marriage. Well if he keeps to his words, definitely he has the right to hope his wife is one. But for one who’s not, yeah, don’t think he has the right. On the other hand, this other guy might find that being able to satisfy the girl he likes is important.

So, what do you all think?



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