Dangerous Games

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Wah seh! the last time i POSTED was 21 days ago!!!…

Wah seh! the last time i POSTED was 21 days ago!!! HOW CAN!!!
muahahaha… okae, Guess who’s back? Back again~

Wahahaahahaha. Anyway for all who read my blog… I find that I don’t have a consistent style of writing leh… I sometimes write like that, sometimes I write better ang moh, sometimes I write more bullshit and sometimes more serious… NO WONDER MY BLOG NOT FAMOUS LARH!!!

Maybe if I start taking beautiful pictures of myself like pinkshoefetish.blogspot.com and talk about my rich and happy life, or maybe i take naked pictures of myself like hazeldearie.blogspot.com and talk about my sex life, or maybe i take sensual naked pictures of myself like sarongpartygirl.blogspot.com and talk about ang moh’s long dicks… wah… i think my viewer numbers sure increase leh!!!!!! but wait… eh… erm… i don’t buy Dior or Gucci or Chanel everyday so I cannot talk about my rich and happy life with pictures of my beautiful self, nor do i have a sex life and frankly… I’m not gay so I won’t screw anyone with a dick!!! hahaha… so the above 3 are non-viable options… damn…

let’s see… maybe i could add more hokkien expletives into my blog like rockson.blogspot.com and say things like… LAN CHEOW!!!! KNNBCCB!!! NEHNEHPOK!!! NINNAOHIA!!!!!!!! CHAO CHEEBYE!!!!!!! wahhh… mai seow seow k… like that can make your blog famous k? wah but really ah, you all should try… quite shiok just typing it… wahlan… dun believe me meh?

hmmmm… okae… actually… got so many famous blogs in singapore leh… BlinkyMummy la… Mr. Miyagi la… Limbueytor la… so many many many many many la… to tell you the truth, i also dun wan my blog to become famous… muahahaha. if i kenna tomorrow-ed then jialat liao… i have to be careful what i writing in my blog lo… sianz…


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  1. Best of the Blog
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    Comment by Anonymous | September 27, 2005 | Reply

  2. Local Governments Crack Down on Blogger
    Wired : “Transit officials in New York and San Francisco have launched a copyright crackdown on a website offering free downloadable subway maps designed to be viewed on the iPod.
    I have a home base business site/blog. It pretty much covers home base business related stuff.

    Comment by Anonymous | September 27, 2005 | Reply

  3. harh? wtf… people advertise on my blog…

    Comment by Zaeck | September 27, 2005 | Reply

  4. Turn on your word verification thing to prevent spam like this. 🙂

    Comment by mooiness | September 27, 2005 | Reply

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