Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Sometimes you look so hard at a puzzle trying to f…

Sometimes you look so hard at a puzzle trying to figure out how to solve it, you ultimately fail because you’ve been thinking too hard. The answer could be so simple that you just miss it out because you always thought puzzles are complex.


Only street lamps illuminated the cold hard road as rain began pounding the floor.

Dan waited as she walked past the crowd of people. “Thank God you’re fine,” he thought to himself.

Susan waded with weak steps past Dan. He didn’t dare place his eyes on her.

Susan’s world seemed so much better as she lay in Han’s arms. Angel’s wings they call it. It seemed as though she’d be fine even if the sky collapsed on them. She knew this is where she belongs.

As she wiped the tears from her eyes, she caught sight of Dan standing nearby. He’s never far when needed.

She took Han’s hands, “Give me a moment. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” and gave the hand a little squeeze to reassure him.

Dan never lifted his gaze from the ground. He couldn’t look. His eyes would betray him. He had to run away. But before he could even shift his foot forward, he knew his legs were rooted as Susan held him close. “Thank you.”

“Yeah. No prob.” He tried to smile, just as he always would.


Dan hated that word. He found no strength to speak.

Tears – X-Japan
Nagareru namida wo toki no kaze ni kasanete
Owaranai anata no toiki wo kanjite
Dry your tears with love
Dry your tears with love

Susan went back to Han as his wings spread out around her.

The rain continued its relentless beating. Dan looked on at their fading shadows down the never ending street lights.

He held out his hand to the rain, the pain overbearing.

Endless Rain – X-Japan
Endless rain, fall on my heart kokoro no kizu ni
Let me forget all of the hate,
All of the sadness


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