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I had my regular fix of good ol’ comics action tod…

I had my regular fix of good ol’ comics action today as I watched F4 with Joshua the Baby Huey. Well, it was better than I expected just as War of the Worlds surpassed my expectations. The summer blockbusters have been giving my money a good run.

Anyway, F4 is not the 4 guys trying to sing with whatever voice they do not have. It’s Mr. Fantastic (stretchy rubbery), Invisible Woman(fantastic’s wife and likes to strip naked while invisible and cast out force fields), Human Torch(hot stuff, can cook using bare hands), and The Thing(yeah. that Thing… big sized rocky guy with super human strength). Yeapz. Actually the

Fantastic 4 has never been my favourite comic characters but nevertheless, being The Geek, I know abit. But only very little bit about the F4. And yeah, Franklin Reeds, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman’s son is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Well… smart dad, hot mum, super kid. Haha.

Anyway, not a bad show to catch just for some entertainment. Next up… Sin City and The Island…


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