Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

What’s real?

Trying to organise the bookshelf in my room which I constantly mindlessly chuck all my magazines my documents into. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I have never been one who would clean up a place on my own accord. Sheesh. What’s happening to me. Possessed or something? Haha.

I’m not even halfway through it and it’s already almost midnight. All for the sake of making things look nice huh?

I found a journal. Year 2001. I was 16. My writing style… I would say… I don’t really know. I enjoyed reading it though. Supposed to hand up our journals to our english teacher, Mrs. Smith. Oh, she’s Asian and she does not take the form of Angelina Jolie. Well, she likes reading my writings as well. Anyway, I’m surprised I used to write about society and the education system. I thought about those stuff when I was 16? Hah. Irony. And all I think about now is sex. Ah no, I mean tax. Ah… pretend I never said anything. haha. Humour humour. hurhurhur.

Sigh. Kind of tired already, guess I should leave those books and magazines smack on the big space of my room’s Lacquered floor. I love my room. I just need a bigger bed and nicer furnitures. I don’t have much furnitues in my room anyway, which explains the emptiness.

One last thing, have you all ever wondered if we were living a dream? Everything around us could be just fabrications of our mind, making us think we’re living a life. How do I know I’m typing? Because my mind tells me so. I know I’m looking at the computer screen because my mind processes the image and tells me that this is exactly what my eyes are looking at. But what if our minds were lying to us? I once thought that I had a dream when I was alot younger about vampires that jumped around with their arms stretched out. But as I thought about it, it seemed as though the previous night, I dreamnt that I was alot younger and I dreamnt that dream. I don’t know if you all understand what I’m saying, but sometimes, I no longer know what’s real and what’s not. Sometimes I think that I’m sure that I always remembered that I had that dream when I was younger. Sometimes, I’m convinced that my mind played a trick on me to think that I always had that memory when I dreamnt about dreaming.

Haha. Okae. That’s it for Bing’s Column today.


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