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Love-Hate Bogdornity

A love-hate relationship. What is a love-hate relationship? Would Miss Ong Mei Nu kindly explain? Do we go like “Oh Romeo, Romeo, I love you so for the gazillion roses you smatter unto my bed and the sweetness that pours forth from your chest to my loving heart. But I hate you! Why you never call me??? KNN.” haha. alright, a spark of lunacy. my mind wavers and phases through different stages of norm and abnormality from time to time. Now is a perfect example of what I call norm.

Hmmm… This is the information age. What was once popular like Altavista was is now Google.com. What was once hot like Napster was is now Limewire, Ares and in my view the best of the best, Bit Torrent. Everyone uses a form of broadband one way or another whether cable or ASDL or T1. We get what we want from the net in matters of seconds.

I never hated the slow 56k modem and the popular yahoo! games or the times when we went to http://www.angelfire.com to set up web pages of our own using their horrid templates. That was the time we still had Netscape! Hoorah! Who the heck uses IE anyway, full of bugs and spywares. *shudder* But I never loved those times when I think back to it. These stuff ain’t human. I won’t miss those days. The technofreak in me tells me I only look forward to the days when speed is no longer a topic in the techno world. Everything’s just too darn fast. That probably won’t happen. Human minds are made to be very insatiable in more ways than you can comprehend.

We always want more from something. A corporate business makes its first million. CEO declares, “Our target for the work year is to make a record revenue of $5mil.” Employees slog harder only to be pushed harder the next work year.

Some kids study so damned hard to get 98marks in their Pri. school Maths. Their parents scold them for being careless. We have planes that can fly faster than the speed of sound but we want one that can travel near the speed of light.

We always always want more. My point being, since these techno stuff are lifeless, it won’t hurt them if we continuously demand more and make the world better through constant innovation and invention.

Huh. Feels like I’m writing an essay. In order for it not to look like an essay I shall not conclude what I have written above but I shall comment that little emotion is felt about the advancement of technology but we should not take for granted the people around us. We can continuously demand more and more and more from the never-ending prospects of the economy and technological advancements but it shouldn’t be the same for friends and family. There is a need for appreciation and love, you see it but you may not admit it. Well, by commenting further, I have actually concluded what I’ve been writing and have made a contradiction to my previous statement that I shall not conclude. Thus, without clarification of the contradiction, there is no actual conclusion and thus a paradox is formed.

Dreams and Nightmares – Incarnations of our Insanity


June 27, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. YES! u got it!!
    wahahaha… it’s the inconsistency tt puts forth the hate. but only wif a love so intense can u beget such a consuming hatred.
    u haf to love b4 u can hate isn’t it? if u null feelings in the first place, y bother hating den…
    so u see, it’s just a simple concept of love-hate relationship.
    by the way, wad’s a bogdornity?! no such words on dictionary.com!!! tsk tsk tsk…
    wah, wad a long comment..wahahahaha…

    Comment by ong mei nu | June 30, 2005 | Reply

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