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Love is skin deep?

There’s always this discussion about what guys want in love and what gals want in love. It is commonly agreed upon that girls want to fulfil their emotional needs first while guys want to fulfil their need for physical contact first.

Check out an article by Suckball.com‘s Louis : Skin On Skin
I’ll update the link when I’m home.
The way he says it, yeah, kinda proved the latter part of the abovementioned statement. I won’t really discuss about the earlier part of the statement cos I think it’s pretty hard to prove.

Oh, I got another thing to share. When’s a girl’s sexiest prettiest moments?
1. When she just comes out from a shower.
2. When she just woke up from sleep.

Fucking sexy. Go ask the guys around you. I kinda surveyed the guys I knew about what they thought. This 2 were the 2 most highly voted. Any other sexy moments to add? Leave a comment! Would be nice to know from girls the “guy’s sexy moments” too. Hmmm… Just to add, waking up to see the beautiful face you love probably would be a total turn on too. I pity Ru Hua’s husband. … Waking up every morning to see a monster. *sigh*


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