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Upcoming Batman Covers

Alright. So today was kind of a big headache cos I sat through 2 1/2 hrs of TDS meeting as the secretary sifting through all sorts of babbling by the chairman and the other members of the meeting, ploughing through bullshits and grabbing hold of any useful information I can type into the minutes for the meeting. Any useful stuff, any. It was a total frenzy, I kept wondering if some of the things they said were actually worth writing. People sitting around me probably felt the same. The previous meeting I went to seemed almost like a private discussion as well. Anyway, I developed a minor headache post meeting. I never wrote more than 100 words during lectures in my JC years and in a single meeting I copied down 10 pages worth of stuff. For my life I cannot understand the phenomena. Would prove useful if I could do that in lectures next year. But overall, I’m glad I got my desk organised, it isn’t in a mess now. *proud* In an even bigger mess is my bedroom, I should do something about it soon. Argh. Maria! Come! Clean bedroom! Haha. Nah. I’ll do it myself. I’ve got all those Playboy and PentHouse magazines under my bed see? Wouldn’t be nice to have a female sift through my stuff. Hah.

Anyway, I’m surprised to see the Anime industry making the covers of BusinessWeek. I was only talking about it some posts ago right? I have a knack for this stuff. I know things. Hah. I just know. That guy likes the girl, I know. Something’s going wrong, I know. I think it’s some Pisces thing. Only thing I haven’t done is pick up the phone to hear my friend’s voice before the phone even rings. You heard of this phenomenon? It only happens if your psychic abilities are very strong.

Ah, and I saw these comic covers below last night. I love this kind of thing. Art pieces that not everyone can understand. You need to know the background of each character. You need to know the story. Can’t say I know everything about the Dark Knight, but there’s something crooked about him. It happens when you see your parents killed before your own eyes. Look at what happened to Bu Jing Yun in Tian Xia Hua Ji : Feng Yun.

This one is real good. Saving kids in a building. There’s something very human about Batman in this cover.

Nice use of colour. Kinda vintage feel. Men tangled in a brawl. Why do guys like WWE?

Dark. Menacing. Bloody. Broken. What’s happened? Who are those above the clock tower? This is not just a cover. It’s a puzzle.

And so… Damn. I’ve got 10 pages of minutes to type tomorrow. Better sleep.
Redang Trip doesn’t seem like it would happen in July anymore. Okae. Hope I can make an August trip then. Plan out my stuff and make it happen.


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