Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

My Dad

I gotta say, I have a great father. But it’s times like this I truly appreciate it. Cos he gives without asking for anything in return. And yet between me and him, he kinda likes to act strong, like all fathers do. Like, just gek seh. So it’s kinda hard to say things like “thank you” kind of thing to him. And he doesn’t usually say it to me either. But we kinda just know it. Haha. So my dad brought me to SGH this morning for some check up I have to do. No big deal so don’t worry. I’m like young and healthy.

He does this all the time. He ferries our family everywhere without grudge and if he has the time he’d actually be there. And after which we went down to grandma’s place and had Lor Mee. Then this middle-aged plump lady came out to us and asked for 4bucks to eat Lor Mee. My dad had 2bucks in his pockets so he offered 2bucks. She refused! She asked for 4bucks again, stating that she eats 4bucks worth of Lor Mee to feel full. wtf. I thought it was absurd, you’re asking for money and you wanna haggle? But I let my dad handle the situation. He was pretty calm and explained that he had only 2bucks in the pocket, gave her the 2 bucks and asked her to go eat. So she had no choice and said “okae larh.” and went on to order some food. I kinda told my dad what a blasphemy it was to haggle when you’re asking for money, shouldn’t have given her. My dad’s argument was that she probably can’t support herself (cos from the way she was talking, we kinda knew she has like abit of mental problem or something) and if we didn’t give her money she problem won’t get to eat, cos in her condition she’s not really fit to work either. Well, I dunno. He’s generous today. Why do I say so?

He bought me a phone today. Haha. And I’ve been worried about how I’m gonna pay for my new phone. NOKIA 3230. The inner gadgetry geeko is getting really excited. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera and can do video editing and there’s a built-in radio and alot of cool functions. I like the Voice-command functions. Very accurate. And it repeats the voice-command so you know it’s the right function you want to access. Almost like the Bat-mobile where you go Stealth mode and a sexy lady voice says, “Stealth Mode”. Woah. I love this kind of stuff.

Well. I kind of fell into a long slumber after due to duty last night. Damn shagged.

Anyway, my dad cooked up a dish today. Not too bad. But not his usual standard. He does better most of the time. And so I offered to cook for the family some day as well. My mum was really delighted to hear me say that and she went into the study, took 2 books and chucked them in my hands. “Here, go get ready the stuff, we’ll do the BBQ on Saturday.” I was dumbfounded. “What? Eh, okae…”

In case you were wondering, I looked through both books. This one is totally useless… Bon appetit


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