Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.


“Why do we fall? So that we can learn how to pick ourselves up.”

Yeah. That’s totally geek. It’s like the “You must train to let go.” by Yoda. Big time geekomania. But on a side note, I like. I dunno why I like this kinda geek stuff. Haha. Put me in a comic shop and I can be there whole day with all the Marvel and DC comics. Vertigo has very nice comics too, like The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. Marvel gives me Spiderman(my all time favourite), X-men, Fantastic 4, Cable, The Avengers, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Dr. Doom, Namor, Captain America etc etc. D.C. would give Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Terminator, Aliens vs Predators and more. Well, I prefer Marvel comics, but I love the D.C. characters too. Yeah. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are legendary in every single way. That’s why I have the whole series of “Batman & Superman” in my comp. Good stuff. Ever talk-cock Clark and the ever-moody Bruce working side by side.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about Bruce. The movie was good. Enjoyed it. The darkness portrayed is more like the Batman I know than all the neons and stupid useless gadgetries used in previous Batmans. More characterization too. Alfred loves to talk cock like the Alfred I know too. Always hurling sarcasm at Bruce. Michael Caine’s Alfred was really well played. And funny why Christopher Nolan decided to use Christian Bale as Batman. Christian Bale doesn’t really have the classic Bruce Wayne look even though he could pull it off because he has the seh. Almost there but barely. Bruce Wayne is a little more buffed than Christian currently is. Maybe it’s the 32lbs he lost to act in The Machinist. But rumours has it that Christian has already signed up for 2 more Batman movies. Ah. The never dying franchise. I should get a Batman figurine or a bat-mobile replica. I bet those would worth tons in another 10 – 20 yrs. Sorry for all the technical terms. Geek talk.

So, we kinda kept laughing at Batman’s voice. Notice I said Batman, cause Bruce Wayne sounded normal. Batman had this gruffy i-got-a-sore-throat voice that simply amused us. It was supposed to create a fear effect in the victim of Batman if I’m right. I probably am. I AM the geek. Well, it kinda failed. But give it to Christian, I tried talking like him but I failed terribly. He downright trashed me in “gruffy voice” department.

Something to add. This Batman is not made for children, children would still prefer all the neons and flashy stuff of previous Batmans. This was totally story telling that I like. Comic-like stuff. Argh… I wanna go pick up some Batman comics to read already. Oh, and did you all know Batman was never always totally black????? There was a time when he had a blue mask, blue cape, grey vest, gold belt and black pants. Nope, no kevlar or any form of armor… Pure latex! Haha. Go check out the older comics!

And there was this scene where Batman appeared toh-beng behind the crook. For a moment it kind of reminded me of the Spiderman scene where Kirsten “dearest” Dunst kissed Tobey Maguire toh-beng! And some more she was wearing a pink shirt without bra. hurhur. Her nipples were standing out so much I thought the show was at least NC-16. So like, I almost wanted to imagine Batman kissing the thug toh-beng. Would have been a sight.

Ah… And just FYI, Batman is also widely known as The Dark Knight. A very apt description. I love that description. And yes, the movie is right! Batman is good at sword fighting! What isn’t widely known is that Batman also trained in detective skills when he was absent from Gotham City to fight crime, he didn’t just do martial arts. And later on, he never ever used guns again because his parents were killed by a gun. Uh-huh, and do remember Robin, his ever faithful side kick. The first Robin was not Robin forever. The first Robin went on to become a super hero himself called NightWing if I’m not wrong.

Wahahaha… Okae… enough enough… I love geek talk. Batman’s fucking cool. Go watch! And Spiderman’s coming out soon. Next year? or in 2 years. I think it’s gonna be Hob-Goblin this time. Harry Osbourne. But I sincerely pray and hope that he’d fight Venom. That’d just blow me away. Spiderman’s fight against Venom and Carnage were the most exciting to me. But all in all, the super heroes all have internal struggles with themselves. All of us are like super heroes ourselves. We have millions of problems each day pinning us to the floor and you don’t know how to struggle free. We begin to struggle within ourselves as well, as if seeking for an answer. Similar to those that they ask like ,”Why did I not chase the robber? Uncle Ben’s death is my fault…” or “Why did I let Lana go to Paris? Why did I never tell her how much she means to me?” or “Why did Jean choose Scott Parker? Because I’m a hideous beast?”. That’s why we like them so much. They save the Earth in marvelous ways but deep down they’re still human like all of us. We wanna be like them. Be strong in the face of all adversities knowing that whatever happened was a mistake. We’ll learn from the mistake and make the world a better place.


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