Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Some Activities in Taiwan

Of course there was our navigation exercise. Would take one whole entry to talk about what we did. Darn. I was trying to act *gu niang* in this picture. Haha. But it was real fun.

And then as I looked through more of our pictures, I found this! That’s Ashik laughing at Ben. Ben looks blurrish because he was laughing and shaking non-stop. He’s kind of ticklish. That or the shi-fu is damn zai. We had fun there! Damn shuang also. 10bucks if I’m not wrong. We kinda had a good laugh watching Ben too.

Going home… Taiwan was Da Trip. Haha. You wouldn’t ever shiver under the blistering cold with only your No.4 draped around your shoulders ever again. And of course all the Jap look-a-like babes, the super large Ji Pa! Hah. After all the walking with almost 20kg load for the past 2 weeks or so and shopping like mad the next week, we were visibly shagged. Eh… Not the Austin Powers kinda shag. 😉


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