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Transferring songs to Hobbit’s Laptop. Her laptop …

Transferring songs to Hobbit’s Laptop. Her laptop is apparently one of the slowest gadgets I have seen in recent times. Even shutting down the laptop takes an eternity. Something is wrong. Go format your laptop. I could do it for you for a fee. The fee includes all the songs in my iPod as an extra gift. We had lunch at Cineleisure’s PastaMania. I ordered my usual favourite Carbonara and since I felt extra hungry I ordered combo A. Which means I got 3 pieces of garlic bread(isn’t it usually 2? I look cute today ah?) and a drink and a bowl of Minestroni soup. My favourite western soup. Better than those creamy ones. Carbonara is enough cream to handle. Anyway, I’m sorry for holding on to Hobbit’s CDs that I borrowed for over a month… I was supposed to use them to give my iPod an initial boost of songs. Well, I returned them already, all in good condition. Alright. Anyway, damn, just that lunch and I couldn’t take it anymore, where’s my appetite gone to? I can’t eat like I used to be able to. Damn. Posted by Hello


June 18, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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