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Okae. So I went shopping alone after that. And now…

Okae. So I went shopping alone after that. And now I know I shouldn’t shop alone. When you’re alone, you can’t stop spending. No one’s there to stop you. Kinda. So I splurged inspired by Miss Daphne Teo but knowing that I don’t have her kind of spending power. Damn. But I spent anyway. My biggest buy today was the Hugo Boss Limited Edition fragrance. Haha. Now I’ll smell nice on all my outings. Cool.
I only shopped alone for 2hrs. After which I found out that I will not be able to afford A|X and GUESS and etc etc. So I made a mental note to make more money in the next few years so I can buy the really nice clothes. And so, without much options left for my shopping pleasure, I called up my SHB and went to Bugis to look for him and Zeyan.

The Carbonara already almost killed me, and HongWei, Weihong and ZeYan had to tempt me with an ultra 4 man-ZhuiKuay with extra bowl of kuay. My stomach’s gonna explode under the immense pressure from within. Uh-Oh… If I meet up with the 02S17 people tmr it’ll be another big time lunchbox. Die… Den how to get beach bod for Redang? I don’t have good genes like Zhuang larh… haha.


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