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Will I be going to this place in July? Go laze at…

Will I be going to this place in July? Go laze at the beach and go snorkeling and chill out at the bar at night and beach volleyball and crystal blue sea and beautiful corals and the music and the phototaking and the stars and… basically… a vacation to just relax and forget about the world. Seriously, I still can’t imagine myself in clear blue sea. If my boardshorts dropped everyone would know! haha.

My mother kinda asked me why I wanna go to a beach for a holiday. “Why pay 200bucks to go to a beach? I tell you ah, sure very boring one.” Haha. Beach, boring… Not when you’re with your friends! The sun, the sand and the sea. Boring????? I can’t imagine how boring it can be. Me basking in the sun, snorkeling in the clear ocean seeing schools of fishies, playing mahjong into the night, just chilling out at the beach club at night, buffet lunch and dinner, being away from the world… some kinda paradise to me. How the heck could it be boring?

Darn. Reminds me that it’s probably an age gap or something I have with my parents. They just can’t understand why I jest the idea of going with them to places like China. They’d just go there kan feng jing and then we’d be with some tourist group. OMG. My worse nightmare. They’re usually the uncle and aunties who brought their kiddo little children and I’m left to talk to my brothers about video games and video games and more video games. Please mum and dad, you got to understand, I’d love to go on trips with us as a family but if you’re constantly talking to the other uncle and aunties about how beautiful the place is and how nice the food was, it feels more like your trip than a family trip. We could just plan a trip on our own, that’d do so much more for us as a family than a tourist groupie… ergh. It’s really different when you’re overseas with your friends. All the freedom that you could ever want. You could just start screaming vulgarities in a language that the locals do not quite understand and do it at the top of your lungs until you’re out of breath. You just walk around and do all kindsa things without being afraid that any of the passerbys will ever see you again. One thing I know, I definitely do not swear in front of my parents. There’s a kinda limitation that binds me whenever my parents are around. Argh…

SAF is a place of regimentation. I can’t. I’m not a regimental person. I only do what I think is right and what’s best. I don’t like to do what people tell me is right. I din say I don’t do. I just don’t like it.

I need this trip. To me it represents freedom. Temporary. But much appreciated like all good things are. Short but extremely sweet.Posted by Hello


June 16, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. the sun. the sea. the sand. pure bliss 🙂
    by the way, china got sell v cheap vege. 50 cents per big bunch. haha..eat till u vomit. Remember: 2 servings of fruits & vegetables daily!

    Comment by ong mei nu | June 16, 2005 | Reply

  2. … -.-“
    I go China to buy veggies for what. Haha. I just need to go to canteen and say ,”Uncle, bao cai!” Yarh, less than 50cents. Hah. Yeah yeah, healthy lifestyle, 2 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Thanks Ms. Ong.

    Comment by Zaeck | June 17, 2005 | Reply

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