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Batman. The ultimate epitomisation of darkness in…

Batman. The ultimate epitomisation of darkness in human form. The man who brings fear to evil and justice to criminals. The alter ego of Bruce Wayne, a multi-millionaire. Dark, brooding, moody. Cool beyond doubts. Gadgetry abound. I’m envious of Christian Bale. Playing batman is a gazillion times better than playing Anakin Skywalker.

It’s kind of a guy thing. Being the Bai Ma Wang Zi isn’t the ideal we want. We want to be the ever brooding Dark Knight. We want to be a rich ass millionaire cassanova in the morning and the ultimate crime fighter at night. It’s just way cool. Uber cool. And with a car you call the “Batmobile”. Who could beat that? The cool thing about Batman is probably that he’s just human, unlike other super heroes who are mutants or aliens. And there’s something wicked about his thoughts as well, go read the comics, you’d understand what I mean. I think it definitely is a guy thing.Posted by Hello


June 16, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. yeap, its a guy thing =P

    Comment by charles | June 16, 2005 | Reply

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