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NJC Nostalgia

I miss being in JC.

I miss my jc friends.
I miss the House Reps.
I miss 02S05.
I miss the Basketballers.
I miss the teachers who took care of me when I was being really bad to them.

I miss the times when I received post cards from friends.
I miss the times when I received little notes from friends.
I miss staying in school to nearly 9pm eating cup noodles after basketball.
I always ate the chicken flavour but if it has run out I’d eat the curry flavour.

I miss the House Room. I miss gossiping inside. We used to run down the whole House Reps list from Aerius Captain Phyllis Lau Xiang Yu and then down and down and down to Terra House. We always ran through all 36 of us. The one with the most gossips was Abner Mok.

I miss playing basketball in NJC. The stupid small hoop. Hard to shoot in. But all the guys were cool. I made good friends who stuck by me through thick and thin like Jared Nai and Ho ZhiYuan. I never made it into the top15 but I bet if we went back to those days with how I play now I probably should make it.

I miss running in the early morning with HuiPing. We’d reach school damn early and then we’d go run. And loads of people would stroll past us as they entered the side gate. I’m sure we were highly gossiped about in JC years even though we always knew we were only friends.

I miss sitting in the canteen when there weren’t any lessons, well… and even when there were lessons. Haha. There was banana prata and the new western stall’s quite good. I miss buying pineapple from the drinks stall and eat on my way to class. I miss the ice milo from the drink stall. I miss the pranks we played when we jumped off the ledge of the canteen and scared the crowds out of their wits. I miss the times when we studied at the canteen, as if we really did study there. We were gossiping and doodling and sleeping and eating and writing post cards and writing notes and doodling on other’s notes.

I miss sitting at the Grand Stand after school. Everyone had their sports going on. Soft ball, soccer, track, netball, touch rugby, hockey, tennis, canoe. There was so much life bustling in the campus you could feel the energy. It overwhelms you, eats into you and you really want to be a part of the whole package. The Grand Stand was always the place we did people watching. So much noise, so much fun. All the freedom.

I miss studying at the library. The librarian knows me. I always go there to borrow books. Funny books like “7 Habits of Effective Teenagers” and “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars”. I was a fan of self-help books then. I got caught staying in the library when I pon-ed lectures. Well… The safest place isn’t the library after all.

I miss creating gossips because I had quite a few close female friends. Close friends who eventually got attached and then it seemed like we were not that close any more. They spent more time with their boyfriends. Later, all of them got attached. I had no more close female friends. But I still had many many guy friends whom I knew would be my brothers always.

I miss going to classes and trying to SMS under the table and pretending the teachers won’t see and now that I think back, it’s quite funny cause I now know that the teachers saw but they just didn’t want to interfere anymore. I miss scribbling my names on my friend’s notes. Plain fun. I miss the times when I went to class with none of my work done. I still wonder how I got through the 2 years like that. I somehow manage to slip past the system through the filter and still make it in the end.

I miss so much so much about the JC days I wish I could go back. I still want post cards on my bag after my basketball practice. I still want little notes written for me. I still want to lie on the House Room floor and just let the hours pass. I still want to know that I live in a carefree world. I still wanna go to outings with 02S05. I still wanna be with my Terra House Reps. ShuYan, KerChoon, Tiffanie, ShiLei, LiJun. I still haven’t bought all 6 colours of House T-shirts. Are they still on sale?

I still miss being in NJC. I’d give anything to go back. Anything to live those days again. Actually, I’m a happy guy right now. But something’s missing. It’s not like when I was in JC. I wasn’t always happy like I am now. What is missing? Haha. I’ve been told it’s time to move on… Somethings you just can’t.


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  1. hey bingz! hmm u will prob miss jc mre when u get to Univ..haiz, life jus keep running n deres no turning back..for better or worse, u decide. -lij.

    p/s i miss u too!…except for yr chubby comment! hmmph

    Comment by Anonymous | June 12, 2005 | Reply

  2. Mmm cup noodles after training. Wickedly good.
    Thing i miss the most?
    Checking out hot legs on the track!!
    And of course on the vball court beside u too 😉 Haha.

    I miss JC just as much as u dude. Chinese High ain’t gonna give us such good times.

    And hmm, u were in my junior class too? Gosh and i dun even realise it. Guess i’m too involved with my gf already haha.

    Find one day we eng eng go back and bully the kids man.

    Comment by Chang | June 12, 2005 | Reply

  3. Yeah, we should do that, but really, shave off the spare tyres first, I want the kiddos to have a good first impression. Haha. Sigh. So much more man… So much more that I miss.

    Comment by Zaeck | June 12, 2005 | Reply

  4. haha, looks we r both sharing the same sentiments, i am sure phyllis, keith n the rest miss jc too..grins..

    Comment by elaine | June 12, 2005 | Reply

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