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Mr. and Mrs. Smith

All couples should watch this show. You’ll find out that you haven’t really had a fight until you fight like they did. Anyway, you should catch what John and Jane Smith say and do to each other. It’s almost hilarious. Amazingly, Brad Pitt is 42. He looks almost 32.

Ah, well, a good show to catch cos I thought it was really sexy. Angelina is really hot. Those never-ending legs and extremely luscious lips(always pouty). Not much plot if you’re looking for one. Just alot of action and fun. Beauty too. I thought the fashionista wasn’t too bad. All in all, I really enjoyed the show but the freaking seats of Lido Theatre 3 really spoilt it. Darn uncomfortable even though they changed the seats into bigger and more “comfortable” ones. The shape of the seats are… maybe not for my height. I had to tilt my head to the left and right cause the top of the seat was protruding out and my head would be bending forward if I sat normally.

Oh yeah. Look out for actor of Seth Coen from The OC as he makes a cameo appearance.


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