Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Road Hazard

That was me yesterday.

Yes, I went to BBDC yesterday without my bicycle because if you read my previous post, my bicycle has been stolen. But anyway, sometimes being smart makes you a sort of a celebrity ain’t it? Forgive me and my self-belief for having a brain probably of a meatloaf size bigger than it actually is but I still have not yet found an explanation of how I can whiz through years of school without ever completely finishing a certain subject’s textbook. As in… I don’t even do homework. I hate homework. I hate textbooks. I just leave them in my locker, my desks and at home. They’ll rot, but that is as much as I care about textbooks.

So what am I driving at? Well, I was driving at BBDC. Ah, wrong answer. Anyway, I decided not to study for the Final Theory Evaluation anymore because… I don’t know. I just do not study. So I went into the evaluation room, picked a computer, at 8am I started keying in all my answers to the questions and within 10 minutes I was done. I just wasn’t too sure of the answers of 2 questions which were a little ambiguous. Check paper? You mean like when I was in primary school and I did all the questions again to make sure that I am right because I still have gazillion amount of time on the clock for me to finish the paper? Nah. Or maybe when I was in secondary school and I read through the questions again and looked at the answers and tried to logically rationalize or rationally logicalize my answers and prayed that they were right? Nah. Or maybe when I was in JC and I had so much time left after I finished the papers so I continued trying to do questions I haven’t finished because I didn’t know how to do half of the paper. Check through my papers indeed. Nah. Forget it. I just pushed the Submit Results button and got a 96% score. 2 questions wrong. Undoubtedly the 2 questions I wasn’t too sure about. If only I had been more studious I could have gotten a full score. Hah. But that isn’t who I am. Get a full score and show who? So well, I stood up and walked to the front of the classroom. I felt the whole class looking at me. (What? Never seen a smart guy.) Or they probably thought I failed the test badly if I could finish it that fast. Hey people, let me do some simple maths for you. 10minutes equates to 600 seconds and 600s/50questions = 12s per question. That’s by itself a tad bit too long if you consider the length of all the questions which are single sentences and phrased simple enough for school kids to comprehend. I give it 5 seconds to read the question, 2 seconds to answer and another 3 seconds to double confirm. You probably need only 10s for each question. +2 seconds each for any technical glitch you may encounter. Just like me. 😉

Okae. So I went to the front counter and cleared the doubts of all those eyes staring at Mr. Boy Genius by picking up the slip of paper from the “Congratulations on Passing” counter. Now eat this you jackasses, I passed with a grade that’s probably better than yours. Since the rest of the available passing scores are 90, 92, 94, 98 and 100… There is a 3/5 chance that I scored better than you if you didn’t get 96 and you passed. LoL. Okae. And to simply clear all doubts, when the instructor asked me if I passed, I answered with a firm, “Yeah”. Haha. Unfazed.

So I happily went to the lessons booking counter and was delighted to see that the 2nd Session for driving that day has a vacancy. I snatched it as quickly as my index finger could click the mouse button. “Click!” and I was on my way. I went for a bout of MacDonalds $2 meal which consists of a Sausage McMuffin and a cup of Ice Milo. A really good deal. Been having this combo for some time when my hunger craze for some Mc Breakfast overwhelms me. And at 9.50am, I got into Car6 and that begins my Gabra session.

The last time I drove a car was before April last year! Okae. So get in a car, check :
1. Adjust your seat.
2. Adjust your rear-view mirror.
3. Adjust your side mirrors.
4. Start your engine.
Damn… I did all this again and again and again because I didn’t want to move off. I explained to the instructor I haven’t been driving for a very long time. Well, he told me to move off anyway. -.-x Yeah. So I pulled down the handbrake and took in a deep breath. I stepped on the clutch, I stepped on the accelerator. Alright, the car’s gonna move! So I slowly released the clutch and expected the car to move any moment… But no, the car doesn’t move. Huh? Oh. I left the gear at neutral. -.-” Released the accelerator and changed the gear to 1 and moved off my vehicle for a ride more bumpy than any bumper car. I could see the instructor’s face squint with every rocking of the car. Damn paiseh. He must have been summoning all the world’s patience to talk to me in a nice tone.

I have no idea why but to lose the tension I started talking to him about NS. Big mistake. I can’t fucking concentrate while I’m driving cause the car’s manual and I need to change gear and look left and look right and over my shoulders and signal left signal right. Damn. Okae. And it was a circuit lesson. Supposedly a more advanced lesson, and I haven’t driven in more than a year. -.-” Okae. So I seriously messed up. Big time GaBrA. And Instructor Pek could still manage a, “You’re…… Not bad larh. You just need to book more lessons and practice more. Book more lessons ah!” in a non-chalant tone. How’d he do that? From the OCS training I received I’d have blasted the brains out of me.

So, that’s driving. I’ll get my licence soon I swear. Any girls wanna hitch a ride? Hehe. Guys… errrr… Go get your own licence like I slogged for mine. Hah.


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  1. me! me! me!!!

    Comment by ong mei nu | June 8, 2005 | Reply

  2. okae. steady. you first in queue. haha

    Comment by Zaeck | June 9, 2005 | Reply

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