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Corby gets 20 years


Yeah. This lady is gonna get 20 years imprisonment for drugs trafficking even though she claims that the 4kg worth of Weed was planted in her luggage. On the brighter side, it could have been a death sentence. Would a 20 year jail term then be counted as a light punishment? To me, a 20 year jail term is as good as death. If you’ve been through NS you’d probably know. Having to stay in is almost the same as being in prison. You’ve got a room, a bed, toilets and your own stuff but other than that, you’re shut out from the rest of civilisation. Well, almost. 20 years away, that almost equates to death. So what will you do after the 20 years? Go out, sit down and weep the days till Mr. Ripper decides to take you to your final destination?

I am sympathetic over her plight, yet at the same time we all know that if you’ve wronged then you should bravely stand up and face the consequences. And if she didn’t do it? Then it’d be one human life wasted. Not by the hands of nature where there is no one to blame but Mother Nature herself. Wasted by the hands of a governing body and a council of law. Yet, can the judges take chances and allow the trafficking to continue? How do you weigh the issue?


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