Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.


I buanged! I went to buy goggles, and halfway back to the swimming complex, I buanged. My bicycle lost control cos the kerb was too high to go up. haha. But feels quite good leh. The good old days of riding a bicycle. What’s cycling if you don’t buang right? Like people who ride motor says, “You’re not a real biker until you’ve buanged.” Haha. Quote from Kelvin Yeo.

And I buanged again! I reached the swimming complex just in time to see the guy lock up the gates to lagoon paradise! No more swimming? No… No more swimming. Today ain’t Friday the 13th anymore leh. Why isn’t it open full day on Monday? Well, at least I can save my trunks for a day with more sun. The sun which had sadly forsaken me as well when I reached the complex.

I’ll go running. They say you don’t buang when running. Get buang more likely. Choy. Sianz… Nan ren liu xie bu liu lei. *bites lips*

(silently, Zaeck thinks to himself that the blood would have better served those people lying in hospital in need of blood since he’s O+ and can provide to all.)

P.S. Zaeck is afraid of big needles like those found at Blood Donation Centres…

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